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    The No Strings Attached Guide

    No strings attached guide. Let’s get right to it I know you do not really care about the introduction. (Yeah me too). So from my post Titles, I skipped this on purpose, the reason being that NDAs ( No strings attached ) are controversial. Are they really possible? How do you not catch feelings? Well, this isn’t about that right now. This is a guideline for those who want to venture into the forbidden lands without risking their hearts. So definitions first: Having only sex with someone and nothing else but that. No hanging out unless it’s to phuck. urban dictionary NDAs have a time when they are functional which makes them…

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    8 Men’s Fashion essentials

    Being an alpha male is not a part time job, it is like breathing, it should never stop. We all have different tastes in fashion but there are universal essentials that every alpha should own. Okay Alphas, let’s get right into the list. I. A Dark Suit In a man’s life , a suit is necessary , it is a statement that is worn once in a while by an average male. If you do not work in an office , you still need a suit, there are a lot of functions that require a suit : weddings, interviews, church ,formal meetings and diners. II. A leather/metal watch A watch…

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    Disgusting Abuse ! Did you know about these types ?

    Abuse has always been an issue of priority and it still is but it is shocking that even after all the strides that were taken, the cycle still continues. In this new age, abuse has evolved as well, but the known kinds of abuse are still there appalling enough. The Alpha’s code does not allow any victimization of empresses, help break the cycle. This is not just an Alpha code, it is a human code, something that needs collective action to work. My pain drove me to this post, it’s nothing personal but it must be. For all us. Spread the word, protect our empresses. These are some of the…

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    Random thought #7

    On Feminism // We talk of feminism the wrong way. Our strategy is more focused on imposition of the ideology onto to the masses ( who are mostly male) and not on the nurturing of the masses with adequate knowledge to yield understanding and acceptance. You cannot accept that which you do not understand. Yes we preach feminism and our primary goal is to empower women but what are we doing to prepare the men for these empowered women we are trying to create? Mitchel Mukuchura

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    Spouse Abuse | Empress Violation

    This post was written in Pain. Initially it was just a topic of awareness then I figured this is not one of those. Abuse has to stop. There is no justification for it. It’s shocking that in the modern era where we claim to have evolved yet we still have full grown men abusing women. I also blame the society, yes you and I included. We turn a blind eye most of the time in the name of customs, marriage , blind hope and tradition. Like I said I am in pain that our sisters still go through abuse. The sad thing is at times they don’t even know they…

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    Random thought #13

    On Life // We hide behind statements and quotes that suggest that we are our own fans and can do this on our own and other self centered sentiments, but deep down we need gratification, and that supporting nod that comes from others . No matter how much we try to hide it, we do need that for us to keep on going. King Culture

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    How to Make a Great First Impression

    The first impression is everything ! It is unfortunate that we humans will judge a book by it’s cover the first time we see it. If the book is not appealing we will go to the next one without thinking twice. Make the first impression the best showcase. Like seeds, impressions only grow where well placed. Here are 4 tips to make a great first impression worth a revisit therefore growing roots to a relationship. A step to being an alpha boyfriend. *** I. Let your body do the talking First of all, before you open your mouth. Personality and attitudes leaps out therefore it is essential to control body…

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    7 Things Boyfriends do wrong

    Men have given themselves pride in being the fountains of knowledge. They have unearthed great mysterious and discovered groundbreaking information about the universe. I mean they have created and destroyed governments just by using words. Their power comes from their knowledge of things but sad enough Men do not know women. Men do things and tell their friends they nailed it when they straight up annoyed or grossed out their women. Or worse. * Women are not experiments, objects or mere matter which makes it challenging for men to understand how women operate. There’s no scientific or mathematical equation to comprehend women and yet men (me excluded), still want to…

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