• Mind of a boyfriend


    We are gathered here with our cameras held high and our selfie sticks held higher to witness the union of people we’ll gossip about later. We are the mirror they can never ignore, there is nothing but fairness in our eyes. We set prisons they are kept bound in with invisible chains of normalcy and uniform expectations.We wish you well but we don’t really want to see you succeed. – society Staxx and Black Licorice, you can now exchange your vows and we will pretend to care about what you say and then wait for your separation to make more stories. *** I, Staxx , do take you Black Licorice,…

  • Mind of a boyfriend

    Things women do wrong

    Women are perfectionists by making. They do things the way they feel is right. Women have been recognized for being neat, careful and accurate. Women will learn and master something as complicated as make up art. Women will wear 6 inch heels and act like that doesn’t hurt. Basically women can make anything work. Women could basically move the world if they wanted. They know basically everything and they are mostly right. But women have no idea how men operate. With that said, women have no idea what they do wrong. *** Inasmuch as women might share their experiences and their life journeys about men, they will never fully understand…

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