Mind of a boyfriend

Crushed !

The silence was killing me. The suspense was even worse. “Fuck you Staxx!” , she thundered, her voice stabbed my guilty eardrums and I was left speechless. Well , I had a lot of rehearsed speeches in my head but my brain was not trained for verbal combat with a female. She came closer. I could almost see us kissing and making out then never speaking about what had just happened. I leaned in. Closed my eyes as I slowly caressed her silky smooth neck. She punched the crap out of my eye. Turns out stars are not soo pretty at close range. Time to switch heads for thinking I thought to myself. But the setting was just great. It was dark and I was already tipsy. She was in her night wear. The weather was the baby making type. How was I going to make her forgive me now ? All my making out visions faded, this was real. I was going to die from the hands of my lover. That shrink from down town was right. I was going to die aroused. Was this it ? I said a quick silent prayer and hoped the grim reaper was on vacation that night.


In all honesty, I was not really tipsy. I was faking it. I hoped that by some miracle she was going to let me off the hook. Apparently this time I had crossed the line. You know how cute Chihuahuas are and how you assume they don’t bite. Exactly what I had pictured. Her pint sized body became rigid and everything in the room suddenly became dangerous for me. My Chihuahua was a pitbull puppy .I mean who knew heels could be soo lethal. She hit me countless times and I couldn’t stop her. How could I ? especially after what I had done. Her pain oozed out of her skin as her sweat brushed against my skin. She was now sweating from kicking my ass. Odd enough she was still crying. You’d swear I had killed her dog. ( I wouldn’t dare, Shaka is just adorable and is scared of me. It’s just the cutest thing ever). You know people say she’s cute when she’s pissed. Freaking liars. For a second I felt like I was looking at my form 1 bully. Well only with a set of stunning breasts and everything my boy looking bully didn’t have. Boobs aside. She was going to kill me.


(Right about now. The suspense is killing you. well join the league. Don’t you wish you could read faster at this point. Yah. Me too. Hahaha wait I wrote this. I know the ending.)


So this is what happened. Her best friend came over. I was alone. She had gone to get food and left her locked phone. I was bored. So we decided to play a bit. Everything became intense. I didn’t know her friend was so dominant. No wonder why my girlfriend is scared of her. It started all friendly then tides changed and things got extra messy and that’s when she came in. She was shocked at first then cooled down a bit until her best friend left. I guess she was really scared of her bestie. Then when she was safely out of the picture I started paying for the sin we had soo beautifully committed . I won’t say doing it was not fun. It was an act of amazing rebellion. The one thing I could do to my girlfriend with her friends in on it. A guilt pleasure and a bonding experience. With the friend that is. Score points and be something more than just that guy who is boning her best friend. You get what I mean ?


No. I didn’t do her best friend. What we did was worse. Imagine the time and energy my girlfriend invested in building our trust. She even vowed not to watch series without me. (besides that one Lucifer episode she watched alone. Payback. Call me petty all you want). The game we were playing made us ruin her. So her best friend and I played her candy crush and beat her high score. (Apparently best friends know passwords more than partners.) Who knew that could almost get someone killed. It was just candy crush. Now imagine if I had cheated on her.

taken from the mind of a boyfriend.


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