Mind of a boyfriend

Gifts for the Emperor |$50 & below

They love gifts too. They actually treasure them since they hardly get gifts. You know we mean men. You can elevate his mood once in a while. ( Well everyday if you can). The gift of your presence doesn’t count on this one.


Here’s what you can get for him under $50


1. T-shirt |tag: $15

Keep it simple and classic.Plain.

2.Time piece|tag: $50

That thing that completes and outfit. A symbol of being classy. Get him one of those. (Black and small face works best )

3. Portable ATM( Wallet I mean) |tag: $15

Get him a small compact one. Man hardly change wallets so you’re guarenteed he’ll keep it for ages.

4. Fragrance|tag: $30

A scent gifted to him from his empress is as valuable as smile she wears. Reciprocate and get him that signature scent. You know how you want him to smell. Own it.

5. Accessories| tag : $15

Men’s accessories are limited to a few items which makes picking one simple. They range from caps to ties. You know his style. Get him an accessory he’ll love.

6. Headphones/ Gamepads. |$20

You know what he prefers. Thrill him.


Men don’t want much. Just a small gesture. They are sentimental and they understand the meaning of “it’s the thought that counts “.

taken from the mind of a boyfriend.

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