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Gifts for the Empress|$50 & below

Gestures of love and pocket wars. You want to get her that gift but you feel money can never equate to how you really feel. Quit worrying, gifts should have sentimental value but of course most gifts are found in stores and stores need money.


Here’s what you can get for her under $50


1.Teddy bear | tag: $50

No one is too old for teddy bears. Get her something to punch when you piss her off and something to cuddle when she misses you.

2.Fragrance| tag: $30

Give her that signature scent. Make it bold and daring. Make her smile everything the wind blows her garment a bit.

3.T-shirt | tag : $15

As classic as a boyfriend type of t-shirt. Get a simple t-shirt, after you all showered up, wear it to give it your scent then give her. ( Don’t wear it the whole week, a few minutes are okay – emphasis is on the showering part. You want to leave your scent not a stench )

4.Time piece| tag : $30

A matching watch always does the trick. Be it colour or design.

5.Shoes | tag: $50

Ladies and shoes. Shoes and ladies. need I say more ?

6. Lingerie

You can never go wrong with this gift. Well come to think of it, there’s a lot of ways you can go wrong. Size, design, color and material. But picking the right one is golden. Know her size. Be bold and daring.

7.Accessories |$10

Bracelets, earings, lockets and necklaces make for the best timeless gifts. They’re just cute.

8. Toiletries |$25

Everything works well in sets for women. They love order. Get her a set of perfumed toiletries from a similar brand. ( Set may contain Bubblebath form, soap, cleansers, lotion, handscream and the likes reference Ooh so heavenly)

9. to infinity |$ creativity

You know her the most. Get something that has an emotional trigger that relates to your story and make sure you wrap it nicely. Such gifts are priceless at times. ( personally I try my best to incorporate my girlfriend to the stuff I create, be it art, writing, dance and design. I dedicate stuff to her.)


whatever you choose, add a back story to it, don’t be boring. You may have all the money to get gifts but gifts without a meaning have no deep value. Refer to ‘Fifty shades’, the best present in that movie was the keyholder ‘Christian’ received. (That’s my opinion, you can argue about the cars and gadgets with yourself)


taken from the mind of a boyfriend.

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