Mind of a boyfriend


Next ! It was finally my turn. The red uniform was threatening and yet so seductive. I could already taste my hot served meal and a slice of guilt. I took out my card and gave it to the till operator. She gave me that motherly “tell me what you want and go already”, right after she swiped my card as if she was sharpening a guillotine.

I cleared my throat and apparently the world stopped.
” Can I get a 2 piecer, 1 minute maid and 1 relationship to go”. The whole complex become dead silent. I could almost hear my blood flowing to my brain. People can’t really pay attention until it’s business that’s not theirs. The operator looked at me in shock, ” No sides ? No plastic?” . I just shrugged off her questions and told her to just add sauce .

” No sides ? No plastic?”


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