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    Black & Beautiful

    Black is beautiful. This is not a racist post or anything like that. I have seen sisters lose who they are over the years and I have grown to hate anything artificial on a sister. The problem is beauty is often defined by people of influence and our sisters do not realize they are not the target market but they still wanna blend in. Just because the beer advert is on t.v. everyday, it doesn’t mean you should get drunk if you don’t drink. It’s not for you. The other problem is Black women have no way of defining themselves as they spent most of the time running away from…

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    10 Chat Zombie texts that drain your will to respond.

    Chatting. Simple exchange of words to get points across. In this technological era chatting is more than just that. It’s a bridge between more than just distance, it’s a confession room and a foundation. Chatting is equivalent to a full on verbal conversation with less limitations that come with eye contact. Unlike vocal deliverance of words, chats are mostly text based making interpretation a gamble. However, there are universal ills in chatting that are just pissing off life draining. They suck the fun juices out of your social media life and make you hate your phone. *** 1. K K is the mother of all soul recking texts to get.…

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    Honest Lie.

    Most people say I’m a skeptic and a pessimist. I’m just a realistic thinker. I see and say things as they are. Is it offensive? Yes. The truth is always offensive. It never sets you free. It just creates a different kind of prison and label for you. Lying is not an option either. It is slow poison that erodes your sense of freedom and maintaining it is a debt to your conscious. *** My name is Jabulile Sigola. I am a liar. Can you boldy admit that you’ve become a liar by uttering more that one lie? *** There’s never enough justification for lying. Denying a person the truth…

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