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10 Chat Zombie texts that drain your will to respond.

Chatting. Simple exchange of words to get points across. In this technological era chatting is more than just that. It’s a bridge between more than just distance, it’s a confession room and a foundation. Chatting is equivalent to a full on verbal conversation with less limitations that come with eye contact. Unlike vocal deliverance of words, chats are mostly text based making interpretation a gamble. However, there are universal ills in chatting that are just pissing off life draining. They suck the fun juices out of your social media life and make you hate your phone.


1. K

K is the mother of all soul recking texts to get. “Ok or Okay”. How lazy can you be. Most people who do this actually know it’s annoying but they do it anyways.


2. TyPng Lyk ths

TH1s Is abòut é duMbést Wáę ťò ćhát. When you feel like typing this way, get a big water glass, pour some cold water, put a few ice blocks, drown your phone in that.You don’t deserve a phone.


3. One word stand

Egocentric chatting is the worst. The type where the person is egocentric and always answers to questions but never asks. These people typically reply with one word answers, ” fine , okay, good ” and don’t return the question.


4. Machine gun texts

The in your face chatting. It’s text after text. its all rapid fire and even if you ignore the texts, they just keep flying in.


5. Too dumb to notice

We all make typos. Read past them. It’s just a typo not an English exam.


6. Excessive us of 🙂😚🤗😘😶😊

Emojis are awesome. But everything has a limit. Chatting with a person who uses emojis only is about the greatest turn off. Use them for effect or emphasis. Its a chat not a scrapbook page.


7. Kkk lol lool

How many of you actually Lol when you type Lol. That’s besides the point. There are these super happy people always respond with Lol to everything. I personally don’t understand how you can laugh at everything I say, I’m not that funny. Then there’s “Lool”, I have no decent remarks, drop it.


8. Chain chatter box

That one chat that is made of chain messages and dry jokes. Forwarding a chain message is cute, but making it a daily services is annoying. Let Duta and Google bots do their jobs.


9.Ghost chatting. [exclusive to whatsapp]

Pops out of nowhere and disappears at will. Has no last seen or online status. You never know if they saw your message or not. You’d swear the person communicates through spirit waves.


10. Askhole

The interrogation type of chat. Question after question. The type of person who will fire questions day in day out to an extent of asking you why you are no longer replying.


taken from the mind of a boyfriend


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