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Black & Beautiful

Black is beautiful. This is not a racist post or anything like that. I have seen sisters lose who they are over the years and I have grown to hate anything artificial on a sister. The problem is beauty is often defined by people of influence and our sisters do not realize they are not the target market but they still wanna blend in. Just because the beer advert is on t.v. everyday, it doesn’t mean you should get drunk if you don’t drink. It’s not for you. The other problem is Black women have no way of defining themselves as they spent most of the time running away from who they are. What Europeans view as beautiful is different from what Asians view as beautiful but when it comes to Africans, beauty becomes defined by the standards set outside. Standards that have some biological differences from us and yet we still choose to copy. At this point you might already hate my guts but let’s talk about it. Black woman, why do you hate yourself ? Why do you want to be someone else?


If the make-up, the bleach, the nose job and weaves make you feel beautiful then without it you are saying you’re ugly. Are you ugly ? Or do you just hate yourself? Be you. Be original black. Not *blacknyana. Fake is high maintenance anyways.

1. Hair

How can you say you’re beautiful when the features you’re show casing are not yours. Its like saying the iPhone is incredible but you’re using Samsung to advertise it .Black hair is beautiful. It’s strong, doesn’t break easily and it doesn’t need a shower cap when it rains. Why would you want to have plastic hair or some other race’s hair when you have something that’s tailor made for you. Honestly there’s nothing as awkward as a sister with blonde or red hair. And then there is Brazilian hair. I think buying hair is about the most extravagant thing to do. Just get a hat if you hate yourself that much. Our styles: braids , locks, cornrows and fros.

2. Bleach| lightening | Madness

Melanin is gold. Love your skin. Marry your confidence with it. I’ve seen sisters turn into all sorts of colors all in the name of beauty. Even chameleons have their original color, the changing is for survival. What’s your excuse? The worst part about bleaching is the way black skin is designed, some parts are stubborn and resistant to bleach. You would swear a sister is being kidnapped if she yawns and covers her mouth. Love who you are. Own it.

3. Lashes

This is about the most painful thing I’ve witnessed. The application is messy. So much can go wrong and yet women still go through with this. I mean how much do you really have to hate your self to sick confidence in beauty product.

4. Nose jobs

It’s round. Keep it that way. Who are you trying to be ? I won’t say much on this but sisters when he leaves you for ” that natural hair, bush locks, no make up and cheap type of girl”. It’s not about money. Its about authenticity. She ain’t cheap. If he wanted some other races he would have gone there but here you are with your blended identity. All these cover ups reflect to your esteem. People with esteem issues are hardly realists which makes them an expense. It’s some form of inferiority complex. Deal with it. Fast.

5. Nails

I have no words for this. If I did they would be truthful and hurtful.

6. Make up

Ahhh! The mother of our greatest shame. The art of wizardry at it’s best. Make up is good when used to highlight certain features. Don’t misquote me later. Make up is beautiful when used right. It’s like putting spooilers in a car. But no ,our sisters want a full body paint job or even a different make all together. They are advising VW Beetles masking Honda Fits. Excessive make up doesn’t make anyone beautiful,it just makes them basic in my view. When you shower you become some one else. Then you complain when he cheats, he is already dating a two-in-one, the rest is just statistics. Sisters, use make up properly don’t be a clown with it. Highlight not Change. Remember this is my view. And the view of every other men. ( Well 98 %)




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