• Mind of a boyfriend

    Pieces of me – The heart I broke

    Her stiletto nails sank deep in my skin. The adrenaline rush raced my Ego and my ID lost the battle to a blind super ego. The psychology of love had won. The score 6- 9, the claws of pleasure had me. I was suffocating in her dripping affection. Her cherry red lips ,as succulent as cacti, thorns included. Her love was my poison, the death was worth every dying second. The more I gave in, the faster my logic eroded . There’s no common sense in love, just strategic stupidity. She drew me in and kissed my neck, and like a vampire she left her mark. An emotional tattoo. She…

  • Mind of a boyfriend

    Pieces of Me- Heart

    “Hello ?” Are you still there I could hear the faint breath…the dying My soul faded , mind lost. Stupid heart “Hello ? Can you hear me ? Silence ! My knees went cold, my blood froze I lost my patience, I hung up Tied a noose, took a shot This was it , fuck love Such betrayal was alien , No walls could stop it No way to Trump it down Ring ! Thrill and chills. One more shot Hello , finally , you’re back Silence! Heavy breathing. He’s dead! , I killed him. The joy. Finally Your heart died a peaceful death. Brain saves the day. *** The…

  • Mind of a boyfriend


    Hell has a backdoor which leads right to a VIP front row seat to the Earth Show. What if the devil ditched his own script and now he’s just plagiarizing everything humans do ? Today’s feature episode. My relationship with other humans. Another classic plot, a Judas with the soul of Brutus and of course a Marie Antoinette to add acid to my silver less lining clouds. Starring my choleric mind and my highly infectious thoughts. With cast and setting established, here’s an extended version of the torment gifted to me. *** Curtains open. The stage is as black as if it’s painted with pain . A shadow appears with…

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