Mind of a boyfriend


Hell has a backdoor which leads right to a VIP front row seat to the Earth Show. What if the devil ditched his own script and now he’s just plagiarizing everything humans do ? Today’s feature episode. My relationship with other humans. Another classic plot, a Judas with the soul of Brutus and of course a Marie Antoinette to add acid to my silver less lining clouds. Starring my choleric mind and my highly infectious thoughts. With cast and setting established, here’s an extended version of the torment gifted to me.


Curtains open. The stage is as black as if it’s painted with pain . A shadow appears with blood dripping from the hands and drops a broken glass then falls flat on the ground. Another figure emerges almost immediately and vanishes like an exorcised spirit .Moments later, a mob of people ,all glued to their screens, pass by and jump the body. One of them attempts to flip the body but gets a text mid way and leaves. An elderly dark heavy boned woman wrapped in an abused looking dress follows slowly shaking her head as the mob fades. She flips the plastic looking body. Takes the necklace and wipes the bloody bracelet on the dead womans Versace head wrap. Takes out her phone. Pouts and click click #selfiewiththequeen . The woman runs away as footsteps echo from the darkness. Curtains close. Scene 1. Devil takes notes.


The stage disappears. This was not a play to me but my script wrote itself with ease. The worst came in 4k. She lay there in her pool of not so expensive blood. My heart skipped a beat then another one and then silence. It went cold. My tears dried up as my face went pale. The initial shock evaded my body and reality stomped in. She was gone. My pockets took a deep breath and the ghosts of all those wasted notes stepped into the light. Minus one, I coughed out. I was finally single. Her social media induced depression led her to her red carpet suicide so I assumed. The botox and bleaching gave her no satisfaction, the Brazilian hair with gold beads couldn’t cover the broken parts of her soul. She was raped at age 19 by her then boyfriend who was old enough to father us both. My Sherlock Holmes skills cushioned my ego and I forgot about my hand in this. I loved her still. Such stupidity is the devil’s turn on. I took her in and she still wanted to be blessed. I sweated coins that fed her ego and scraped her insecurities temporarily. And now she is dead. Surely there is a superior being watching. You’re still wondering what happened? The truth. I killed her. I think.

0407. I paced home trying to balance all the alcohol in my system. We had a fight last night, about the friends in my life and how she didn’t like them. I lost it when she told me my bestfriend slept with her on our anniversary night because I was stuck at work. I wanted to imprint the pain I felt on her fac… everywhere. After everything I had done for her. Everything we went through. The angel that sat on my right shoulder handed me a blank soul cleansing check. I looked at it and then her and I saw my own reflection and I walked away. Punched the wall on my way out as I told her to be gone by the time I got back. Back to 0407. As i approached my tiny home, I saw an elderly woman running and the Chibuku in my head left. As I got closer the alcohol started fading. A pile on suitcases emerged out of the fog and I made out a figure on the ground. I ran towards it and there she lay. In a flood of her own blood. My slay queen had slain herself. I felt relieved. For a minute or two. All the NCIS stunts rolled in my head. I was going to bury her in the living room. Or in the rose garden. My senses came back with the sanity of a defeated politician.

0530. All fingers pointed at me while I scratched my head for answers. My hand throbbing from my earlier rage on an innocent unsuspecting wall. I was going to die in prison for this. I knew she was unstable but kept ignoring it hoping for a miracle. In all that guilt sat a huge lump of anger. I wanted to kill my bestfriend. I trusted him with my life and now I had to take his for ruining mine. My reflexes kicked in. I wrapped my ex girlfriend with a rag and took her inside. All the beautiful memories abducted my composure and tears burst through my fear ridden eyes. I loved her. She was the only girl who knew how to ruin Rick and Morty for me. She was special. Underneath the make up and all she was this beautiful and smart but confused girl. I guess cconfusion was a slay queen thing. She loved with her all and never wanted us to part considering the history we shared. 4 years 7 months and 16 days of dating were not a joke. I did this to her. I wanted to follow her to the other side. I lay her down in our bed. And I took a glass of wine and I joined her as promised, ride or die ,after I scribbled something down and put it on the night stand. Then dialed 911. Well not really 911 , I called my father first and he assured me it was okay to call the cops. I was taken in for questioning but my answers were shady ,mostly clouded by the alcohol. Apparently she didn’t kill herself. I did. They said.


Monday 23 headline: “Boyfriend murders bae in cold blood”


Autopsy report: Mikayla Senzeni Nyondo

Gender: Female

D.O.B : 06 June 1995

D.O.D : 21 November

Time of death: 0315

Cause of death : suffocation.

State : 3 weeks pregnant.


Tuesday Headline, Man found hanging, suicide note vindicates wrongfully accused boyfriend.


I never saw my parents after that. I got a text that said, “Chose wisely this time” .How do I live after all this.


taken from the mind of a boyfriend

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