Mind of a boyfriend

Pieces of Me- Heart

Hello ?” Are you still there

I could hear the faint breath…the dying

My soul faded , mind lost. Stupid heart

Hello ? Can you hear me ?

Silence !

My knees went cold, my blood froze

I lost my patience, I hung up

Tied a noose, took a shot

This was it , fuck love

Such betrayal was alien , No walls could stop it

No way to Trump it down

Ring ! Thrill and chills. One more shot

Hello , finally , you’re back

Silence! Heavy breathing.

He’s dead! , I killed him. The joy. Finally

Your heart died a peaceful death.

Brain saves the day.


The mind of a boyfriend ? | pieces of me

I know most of you don’t like the poetry vibe in me but it’s where I started. So let me give you a piece of me so that you can fully relate. This piece was inspired by the amount of pain love had put me through. We always talk about love as this beautiful experience that makes butterflies somehow pretty close to us but we skip the ghost stories that come with it. Love is an emotion that is better expressed as a verb and that makes it a bit complicated because it is within itself a mixture of verbs. Love means caring, listening, shouting, fighting, screaming, biting , sharing and we put all that under one word “loving” and we filter out the bad elements. (Don’t take the biting literally)


So back to the piece. I have had some pretty messed up experiences in the name of love. I have played dumb or blind to some things to make love work and I can tell you this, love needs a lot of compromise. Love is like raising a child, it will poop on you and wait for you to clean it up and feed it. Basically in love , you are the solution and always part of the problem, anything outside that is pure nonsense. So how does the pain come in ? Simple, when the other person does not reciprocate your actions. At this point love is like a mirror, you want to see a piece of you when you look at the other person. Wouldn’t you freak out if you looked in the mirror and came face to face with a snake looking a you ? ( I dont know if snakes have faces but you get the idea). This piece was Me saying it’s better to live without a heart because it keeps betraying me and making me hurt all the time. But get this, there’s growth in pain. Emotions are slaves to logic but somehow they run the prison. If you are to take with you anything from this, take this : Love is a game of logic, pain is just the measure of it. Fight on. Love.


Style inspired by Black Licorice.


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