• Mind of a boyfriend

    Just an Option

    “Love. Pain. Stupidity. Perfect trio. Everything that comes in threes is true and if it rhymes it’s gospel. *** ” Here is my gospel to you. An epistle written in tears and smiles. To get to you I had to beat all odds just to crack the code to your heart. A destiny hack because I never pictured you in my world but here you are rocking every bit of it.A tornado of affection. Through the pain, I learnt patience, I learnt tolerance and I learnt how to play candy crush. The wages of love are wounds apparently as I am constantly reminded by my stupid little mind… But here…

  • Mind of a boyfriend

    Politically incorrect

    0024. A heavy knock on the door. Drinking hours were over I figured. It was the fourth day staying up just to open the door and have my exquisitely prepared food flung at my face. How did I end up with this monster? I’m good looking, have a decent amount of humor and I make enough to support myself and a pet. Preferably a cat or rabbit because dogs eat more and those things are high maintenance. I watched this blob of mine drag its legs into the house, its legs clinging tightly to the ground. Holding that much alcohol was a skill I was yet to perfect myself. I…

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