Mind of a boyfriend

Politically incorrect

0024. A heavy knock on the door. Drinking hours were over I figured. It was the fourth day staying up just to open the door and have my exquisitely prepared food flung at my face. How did I end up with this monster? I’m good looking, have a decent amount of humor and I make enough to support myself and a pet. Preferably a cat or rabbit because dogs eat more and those things are high maintenance. I watched this blob of mine drag its legs into the house, its legs clinging tightly to the ground. Holding that much alcohol was a skill I was yet to perfect myself. I reckon maybe when I finally gather the confidence to let out a piece of my mind, I will drain my reasoning in liquor. That would be the day I thought. The day I would baptize someone in their own medicine. I had grown tired of this nonsense. This had to end. I was warned against it but, “they don’t know what love is, how could they ?”. Looks and money make the sorrow an illusion of happiness. I was happily depressed. But this had to end. She had to go. My girlfriend was an abusive drunk who raped me whenever she felt like she wanted. “I’ll stay for the kids” I told myself.


The day I would baptize someone in their own medicine

What would you do if the things you did to people were done to you ?



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