Mind of a boyfriend

Just an Option

“Love. Pain. Stupidity. Perfect trio. Everything that comes in threes is true and if it rhymes it’s gospel.


” Here is my gospel to you. An epistle written in tears and smiles. To get to you I had to beat all odds just to crack the code to your heart. A destiny hack because I never pictured you in my world but here you are rocking every bit of it.A tornado of affection. Through the pain, I learnt patience, I learnt tolerance and I learnt how to play candy crush. The wages of love are wounds apparently as I am constantly reminded by my stupid little mind… But here I am, climbing on top of ego just to reach your attention. Gambling the last of my emotions so I could win your heart. This is my inner most fragile sober me speaking , Baby do you hear me ? I love you and it’s stupid because I’m not sure if you mean it when you say “me too”…I’m at the end of my journey and you are my final destination. Will you be mine forever?”,

He said pulling the blankets to his side. She almost responded with ” I do” but what use was it replying to a sleep talking person. They fought before he slept , she stayed up trying to figure out who Lindsey from work was. She texted Dan every detail of her relationship problems as always. He stayed up texting back as always. It doesn’t hurt confiding in exes right ?Dan was the sweetest. And she couldn’t figure out why her relationship with her boyfriend was unstable. Mysterious.


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