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How to become an Alpha Boyfriend

Anyone can be a boyfriend but not everyone can master being an alpha. Don’t have your woman envy other men simply because you don’t cut it as an alpha. It’s the simple things that can make you an alpha, pay attention and master these simple hacks.


I. Smell Good
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There’s something about a person who smells good. It’s a non verbal clue that speaks volumes about your personality. Clean organised people are usually focused on certain things and pay attention to detail. The scent should be an all rounder, from your mouth to your shoes. 

II. Dress Well


The street wear craze is cute, it’s artistic and all. I’m actually a fan of it but simple and decent dressing takes the crown. An elegant look yields a level of sophistication and commands a bit of respect. That’s why people wear suits in meetings and formal in courts. Dress in a way that pronounces you are an alpha male before you open your mouth.


III. Always wear a watch


Watches are not just for telling time, they also stand as a symbol. All alpha males wear watches. You can have additional bracelets to enhance the look but the watch is a must. The key being ,mastering the right watch to wear. Leather ones are always a good safe zone. The most important reason for having a watch is telling time, it goes without saying always be on time. Never keep a lady waiting.


full grooming related hacks will be posted separately 


IV. Hustle

No one needs to tell you that without a hustle you will be the one doing dishes in family gatherings. This is a heart to heart talk, hustling is not easy , but failing to provide is worse. Do not be too proud to ditch a hustle because you feel embarrassed to do it, no hustle is too small. If you are born in an affluent family, even better, build your separate hustle that has your name on it. The point is , real men have projects , salaries are for paying bills, the good life comes from the hustle.

V. Be reliable

Can anyone count on you for anything ? Would you call you in an emergency ? What seperates an alpha from the other males is the ability to execute when called for. As a boyfriend, you should be reliable and stick to your words. ( even it means you have to pinky swear if that what it takes to get you to stick to your words, if not dare yourself ). That point is just plain gospel, if she cannot count on you she has to count on someone else, it is the logical thing to do.

VI. Chivalry

Good old classic courtesy and grounding from the knights. Always be in a position to assist ladies and honor them first. Open doors for them, carry their groceries , carry their umbrellas among a few other things. There’s no harm in being classic,” manners maketh a man “.Good manners | Generosity | Mercy | Justice. This applies to everyone you meet, if you can treat strangers well , it should not be hard to treat your queen well.


VII. Worship her

Her body is a temple, a fountain of perfection. Her tears should sprinkles of happiness or love overload and never a flood of pain. Treat her as a delicate new born baby, make her feel special, make every moment feel like the first. Support your empress in anything she does, never argue with her in public, help built her to the ultimate empress. No matter how stubborn she is, no matter how childish she gets, no matter how irrational she gets, never raise your hand at her, the moment you do your title as a man is revoked. Your empress should be your heart, each beat makes you see the next second, and the floor of blood should be like the love you give her.  


VIII. Learn to listen


Communicate effectively. The most important part of the process is listening, do not listen to win a case. Listen to understand things from her point of you. Arguing is for fools, Alphas discuss. And in public, listen for emotions too, your lady is your queen, defend her always. You can always disagree in closed doors and reach a consensus. But make sure you listen more than you speak. 

Tip: listen with your eyes and emotions, ears are useless when dealing with empresses. Read the language of the air and her vibes then answer with your heart not your mind.

IX. Attention !

Women are affectionate beings. There has always been a myth that women attach more probably because they produce more oxytocin but it’s not an issue of hormones. It’s all in the mind, women give a piece of themselves to those they love so that makes attention a must. Give her your attention. Make her feel appreciated. This goes without saying , don’t divide the attention with other people.


X. Communicate

Real boyfriends talk. They express themselves in a way the empress understands. Words create and destroy so does silence. The difference is silence is an issue of assumption and words are direct. Always let her know how you want or prefer things. Share your views. In this techno-centric era, do not find yourself talking to her or anyone through Instagram stories, WhatsApp statuses or Snaps.





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