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    About ” How to make money in a Zimbabwean college”

    Making money in college is the second most important thing after breathing, it’s one of those things that just has to happen. It could be for survival or just making that extra buck. But in Zimbabwe at the moment, it’s the basis of survival. Capital however is the greatest obstacle but that does not make it a limitation.This post will focus on low capital ideas and once you’re inspired ,you’ll be on your way to making money. These ideas work perfect in areas close to universities or within the campus itself. The mind of a boyfriend is aimed at making the typical boyfriend better. I. Running a Food Cart Students…

  • Fashion statements made by boyfriends last longer

    8 Men’s Fashion essentials

    Being an alpha male is not a part time job, it is like breathing, it should never stop. We all have different tastes in fashion but there are universal essentials that every alpha should own. Okay Alphas, let’s get right into the list. I. A Dark Suit In a man’s life , a suit is necessary , it is a statement that is worn once in a while by an average male. If you do not work in an office , you still need a suit, there are a lot of functions that require a suit : weddings, interviews, church ,formal meetings and diners. II. A leather/metal watch A watch…