• Mind of a boyfriend

    Oh Glorious Situationship !

    You think you’re in a relationship ? Everything is there, the attention, the sparks and the butterflies but it all seems like you’re a continuous one night stand. Friends with endless benefits. Chances are you’re in a relationship, alone. That uncertainty, that grey area is a situationship .These are signs that you’re in a situationship : *** I. No titles ! On the previous post we talked about titles and their implications. If there is no title there is no relationship. Thought: Are you the boyfriend? Are you the Girlfriend? How do you know you’re the Main ? If you’re unsure of any of those answers, you’re probably in a…

  • Mind of a boyfriend


    We live in a fast paced world where words mean nothing if they are not directed to us and could potentially shutter our world if they are. Titles, simple words that denote references and define nature of things. Nouns with role allocations. We defined what a boyfriend is and the answers were subjective and biased which made them specific to the person defining. This time we are going objective for the purpose of clarity and authenticity of our unfiltered views. Titles validate the type of relationship .Today we define everyday titles that drive the types of relationships we are in : *** 1. Girlfriend | noun ( aka Main chick/…

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