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    Disgusting Abuse ! Did you know about these types ?

    Abuse has always been an issue of priority and it still is but it is shocking that even after all the strides that were taken, the cycle still continues. In this new age, abuse has evolved as well, but the known kinds of abuse are still there appalling enough. The Alpha’s code does not allow any victimization of empresses, help break the cycle. This is not just an Alpha code, it is a human code, something that needs collective action to work. My pain drove me to this post, it’s nothing personal but it must be. For all us. Spread the word, protect our empresses. These are some of the…

  • Mind of a boyfriend

    Spouse Abuse | Empress Violation

    This post was written in Pain. Initially it was just a topic of awareness then I figured this is not one of those. Abuse has to stop. There is no justification for it. It’s shocking that in the modern era where we claim to have evolved yet we still have full grown men abusing women. I also blame the society, yes you and I included. We turn a blind eye most of the time in the name of customs, marriage , blind hope and tradition. Like I said I am in pain that our sisters still go through abuse. The sad thing is at times they don’t even know they…

  • Mind of a boyfriend

    Black & Beautiful

    Black is beautiful. This is not a racist post or anything like that. I have seen sisters lose who they are over the years and I have grown to hate anything artificial on a sister. The problem is beauty is often defined by people of influence and our sisters do not realize they are not the target market but they still wanna blend in. Just because the beer advert is on t.v. everyday, it doesn’t mean you should get drunk if you don’t drink. It’s not for you. The other problem is Black women have no way of defining themselves as they spent most of the time running away from…

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