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    How to get over your ex

    How to get over your ex sounds too ambitious. Let’s go with how to detox them instead. It’s a process and it’s not an easy one. A lot goes into it especially if the relationship was a long one. But it can be done, small steps. Clear your chest When you do break up, there are a lot of emotions flying around. Those could be hurt, anger, disappointment, whatever they are, resolve them. The final talk you have with them should be the only closure you need. Depending on the circumstances of the break up, get ‘why’ answered. Then accept that it didn’t work out. ( Don’t blame yourself if…

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    Dates – Boyfriend thoughts

    Thoughts that stay hidden. I actually agreed to this? Man! This is really stupid, I sabotaged myself here. But if it makes her happy, then I’m happy. Uhh, that’s not even comforting… I need a beer. Or 2. Why don’t I do that instead? Then I’d get dumbed… Pull it together. Brain… Focus. Date. Ideas. Somewhere quiet. Great food. And definitely where I don’t know people. Damn, what if I meet my ex. Or my friend’s girlfriend. Do I tell the gents about this date before or after? They will have a field day of laughter. Who cares, I’ll have a good time. And laugh at the next person. Brain.…

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    Soaking – What is it anyways?

    Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, Mormon teens show us the world is innovative. Soaking! It’s not what you think. Soaking is penetration without thrusting, no movement, no orgasms. It is when a man puts his penis in woman’s vagina and stays still. That’s not even the crazy part… In order for the couple to actually enjoy from soaking, a friend helps them out by bouncing on the bed next to them to get things moving, or “jump-humping.” And you know what’s crazier? This whole ‘soaking’ bit went viral on Tik Tok with over 25.5 Million tags. Could this be the new excuse for cheating?

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    How To Make Long Distance Relationships Work

    Long distance relationships are the stuff of legends. They are fascinating . They don’t have the long awkwardly electric stares, the sweet nothings we whisper and the shy smiles. The cuddles. All these little elements that foster a profound connection which are very physical. So how can we make long distance relationships work past a few months? Long distance relationship are a different ball game. The closest link between our beating hearts is technology and trust. Long distance relationships leverage more on tech and creativity. These still work regardless of all the forces against long distance couples. The downside is, people are different, so that means it all depends on their…

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    Stop forcing things

    Stop forcing things. Happiness is not tied to a person so why force things that could potentially ruin your peace. Relationships shouldn’t feel like a war zone every time. They shouldn’t make you blind to reality either. There’s no point in watering a dead plant. ( Well unless if you believe you’d fall in love with a zombie , if that’s the case ,Do you ). For your peace of mind and sanity, learn to put yourself first. Take your eyes and mind when you sink in love, you’ll have clear sight of what’s happening and logic to navigate. That is a long introduction ! We’ve been talking about this…

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    Umjolo Interview : Questions to ask

    This is a follow up to “We need a dating resume“. Umjolo is serious business! Yeah, if it’s meant to be it will happen but who will teach the kids Maths Susan? Can your back handle things? Are you in debt? Does your father have medical aid? See, it all matters. These are questions you should ask yourself when thinking long term. ( Not a small dating tender). These are not to make you bail from your relationship, they’re just a guide to see where you could improve. Compromise. ( or worst case re evaluate the whole relationship) The Questions to Ask Do you and your partner accept each other for…

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    Why they don’t want a relationship with you?

    You click with them but they don’t pop the question. And this happens with a couple of guys and you think maybe you’re the problem. ( which is quite possible so let’s go with that angle.) They treat you just right and you at times feel like they’re the one. ( Ladies/ Gents really). So what are you doing wrong? Let’s get to it, these are all hypothetical but if this hypothetical shoe fits, remove it and burn it. You send missed signals You’re hot then you’re cold You’re “Yes” then you’re “No” You’re in then you’re out You’re up then you’re down  Katy Perry Signals have to match the message. Imagine if a zebra crossing line was coupled with a no stopping sign. That’s my…

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    What men think about Make Up

    What men think about Make Up is really none of their business. Let’s face it, half the time women put make up to impress their peers or compete with that one girl who said her weave was better. Or something about “new me” after a break up. Well whatever the reasons are for make up, despite being none of our business, we men have thoughts on the subject. The Positive Make up is pretty. It accentuates certain features, the eyes pop, the contours create that dramatic feel. And the lashes! We don’t get those but they’re cute. Depending on the length. Make Up gives ladies this alter ego that comes…

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    Clear signs the person you’re dating is worth your time

    So much negativity going around in relationships, this is to tell you it’s all bad. These are the signs that the person you’re dating is right for you and is worth your time. ( Of course they might be some differences ) You are comfortable with who you are Not itching to impress your potential  is essential, that way they can get to know the real you, with no filters. If you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and be yourself,I don’t mean wearing crocs,  that is a great sign that your relationship is heading in on the right tracks. They keep their word Green Flag central .Doing what they say…

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    What are we?

    What are we? Really? I could think of a lot of savage responses to answer that but failing to answer that question is cruelty. Question interpretation ” I see what we’re doing, I’ve caught feelings and I would like to know if there’s a future in this or I should start looking for a pet to love …Or we do what I want” Thoughts I honestly don’t see the reason to get to that point, people need to be clear about their intentions. It’s not fair to lead someone on just to have them “see how it goes”. Titles matter as much as each stage of a relationship. There’s no…

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