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4 Men’s Grooming mistakes women hate

Men are terrible at hygiene and grooming routines. We often pride ourselves in being “boys” but the truth is that is a turn off if you are seeking to make it to the spaces with women. Our grooming routines could need a boost . Women pay attention to how men groom themselves and take care of their physical aspects just like they pay attention to themselves. So, here are 3 grooming mistakes women hate. Do not make these mistakes :

1.Long Finger Nails

Long fingernails on a guy are disturbing. If you have long, unmanaged fingernails, you are in the red zone. Get rid of long nails. ( Then there is this sub trend of keeping one long nail on the pinkie finger, you know what to do if you have it. )

2. Hobo Beard Styles

A man’s beard is one of those things that needs to be properly maintained. There are a few beard styles that men still rock, but they are unattractive in women’s eyes. These styles include: The Goatee, The Chin Strap, and The Wizard Beard. If you have facial hair, stick to modern beard styles that women will love, such as light stubble.

3. Scent Flooding

This should go without saying, too much of anything is poison. Women don’t want to get their nose suffocated by your cheap axe spray. So, a few rules for you are: Don’t buy cheap cologne, but buy a fragrance that smells good and will catch a girl’s attention; Also, don’t apply too much fragrance on you. Think about it, if you apply only a little cologne, it requires the girl to lean in and find out where the scent is coming from.

4. Not moisturizing

Men have this cave like habit of only applying lotion to some areas of the body and the rest are sanctioned to stay dry. Dry skin looks disturbing and women definitely notice your skin. That goes for lips too, chapped lips are a no no, keep your lips moisturized and hydrate to keep them fresh, it’s not gay. And, those ashy feet need attention.

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  • The Advocate

    This is good, on the issue of how women pay attention to how a man treats his physical appearance, there is an issue of general cleanliness, wearing clean and ironed clothes, washing undergarments, brushing teeth regularly. All those things matter

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