Mind of a boyfriend

4 Signs that he has lost interest in you

Ah, The One That Got Away. Or the one on his way out. You think you know everything about him—his favorite color, his favorite food, his favorite genre of movies—but it’s only when you realize he doesn’t love you anymore that you realize you never really knew.

Communication dies

Communication is an important component of any relationship. It’s even more important when times get tough.If your partner suddenly stops trying to communicate with you in conversation, that’s a real red flag.

The lack of intimacy

The lack of intimacy is one of the biggest signs of a failing relationship. So, if he isn’t making an effort to be close to you anymore, he’s probably out of love with you.

No future plans

You’re not in his future anymore . This is the reason why he stops talking about it. Whenever you ask him about your future plans, he changes the topic or doesn’t give you an actual answer.

If you want to know what your boyfriend thinks of your relationship, ask him directly: “What do you think our future looks like?” If he hesitates or doesn’t have an answer, then this might be a sign that he’s not interested in committing to you anymore.

He might even say things like: “We don’t need to talk about this now” or “Not now, I’m busy.” When someone says these things, it means they want to avoid the conversation because they don’t want to admit that they’re not ready for commitment yet.

You fight more

If this is the fifth or sixth time you’ve been through this cycle with your partner, it’s time to start asking yourself whether he still loves you.

When a man starts to fall out of love with his partner, he may try to get her to hate him. He may start arguments with her because he wants her to loathe him. He doesn’t love her anymore. But instead of breaking up with her, he’s trying to get her to fall out of love with him too. This way, the pressure falls on her to break up with him and not vice versa.

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