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About “ Lockdown vs Relationships”

Lockdown. The stuff of horrors and every apocalyptic movie ever. It’s crazy out here, shops are closed, liquor stores are closed even the churches are closed and some of us are due for confessions. With everything closed, relationships are carrying the most strains. Relationships are basically Liverpool in this season, the end of the tunnel isn’t lit.

Relationships trends are just depressing right now, but some people are having their best lives. So let’s try listing what’s happening right now.

What are we questions

Too much time on our hands and hormones flying around like that one time there was a cloud of locusts. And in all that, humans decide to ask where they stand. This lockdown has created quests for clarity. But seriously, what are you ?

UFC x Wrestlemania

Okay. This one is obvious, when everything else is perfect, the other gender feels there’s need to fight. The times people fight in relationships in this lockdown is alarming. Distance makes people uncertain, irrational and edgy. Are you one of them ?

The Hunger

Skin needs to be fed. If it is not fed, people get grumpy. Maybe that’s why people are fighting soo much, the skin is pushing them. Humans are catching bodies that are close, desperate times. And you know how that affects relationships?

New Flames

Imagine if you had all the time in the work. Well like 21 days then they give you 14 more, your social media becomes hunting grounds. Potentials pop up, the sparks fly and boom you found your new poison. Let’s be honest for a second, there are people that have more in common with you than your partner. And Lockdown takes another W.

The Raptures

Time is a monster. The amount of introspection people have been doing is scary. They could be looking at memes but no, why do that when you can rethink your connections with people. Friendships have been erased , and ooh relationships too. Mass breakups. Relationships take another L.

More empty promises

That one is obvious. You have probably made a few .

Old Flames

Ah ! The might have fallen. Vows were made. I’ll never go back they said. The lockdown has shown that, better the devil you know is not a bad philosophy. Humans are just there rekindling their old flames. Relationships take an L again. Or that could be a Win.

Stronger bonds

Clarity, security, definition of goals and peace of mind. Some people are actually here, planning their future while the rest of us are breaking our backs sleeping. The lockdown just gave some people the time they needed to plan, a time to connect and establish their hold on each other. That’s a win for Relationships.

The Ghosting

On behalf of most people from the other gender in Zimbabwe , we would like to apologize , it’s not ghosting, it’s data related. Moving on , what better way to choose who to talk to than ghosting. Perfect way to escape humans, it’s not like they come looking for you. That’s a Win.

to be continued..

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