Mind of a boyfriend

About “Signs that you’re dating yourself”

Relationships are a two player game. Nothing more , nothing less. Most relations begin at a high note and over time, the energy fades and eventually it becomes one player. If you start noticing the following signs, know that the love is one way;

You text a whole scroll, the response comes in one sentence. People in love will always have a lot to talk about. However, if you realize that in most occasions that you communicate with your partner, the response you get is just a mere word, one emoji or no response at all, just start packing because you are not required in this relationship. You are dating yourself. ( Unless of course if you are in a fight, you will know the difference.)

Your inner voice. Everyone has an intuition and when something is wrong you will always notice. There is also a change in the manner in which you interact with your partner. There is tension that you are feeling and the love you used to receive you don’t feel it anymore; BOOM ! You are in love with yourself.

You are the only one interested in hanging out. Hanging out together as a couple is an essential element is strengthening a relationship. However, if you realize that you are the only one initiating these hang outs and your partner is always busy for you but has time for other things and people. Yep, it is a sign that you are dating yourself.


No future goals with you. Relationships mature with time and if there are no plans involving you in the next chapter, you are sadly pushing time. Small future references, like “next year this time, we’ll be…”, ” dinner tonight”, ” You’ll teach the kids to ride bikes”… The basic assurance of a future is necessary. If that is not that, review the title of your relationship. You are dating yourself.

They use you. They only have sexual or financial interest in you. They always call you for a quick fix or when they need money favors.

They don’t publicly display their affection like holding hands, kissing and hugging. You are that one drug they enjoy but it is not for the world to know about.

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