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About the topic on “Exes”

Before I go into this topic I want to clear the air. I personally do not want my partner to talk to their exes. Is it a big deal, probably not but it’s big enough to become single. But that’s me. So let’s get into it, Hi. I’ve hesitated to write about this topic in a while, not because I hadn’t moved on but because I had nothing positive to say about some exes. Then I grew up. That’s a hard thing to admit, not all exes are monsters, which is actually bad. They need to be monsters so that their “Hellos” don’t complicate current relationships.

Questions about Exes

Should I talk to them ?

Well why not ? I see no harm in saying hi once in a while when you are still “fresh exes” but at a certain point it gets toxic. Some exes remain as friends and even advice each other later in life, so yes talk to them. BUT If the conversations become intimate and you’re dating someone else then the answers changes. Common sense should kick in , do you want your partner to be intimately involved with their exes ? If not, you got your answer.

Is keeping their number okay?

That all depends on your level of self control. I have numbers in my phone that would have webs and dust if they were furniture. The correct question would be, should I talk to them which is answered above. In addition to that, if you see yourself deleting messages from your ex, you’re in the wrong.

Should I keep their pictures in my phone ?

This question was asked recently by Kaycee from The Gentlemen Kode and I didn’t give a clear honest answer. I keep every picture, just not on my phone. My phone only has pictures of my current girlfriend because I wouldn’t want to see pictures of her exes on her phone. But that’s me. Let’s get objective, if you’re single it’s fine to keep those memories at the tips of your fingers literally but if you’re dating, keep those memories away from your relationship.

Should I go back to them ?

My initial answer was Hell No! But then I thought about it so the answer is just no. Exes are tempting, the history might be rich, the skin game might be out of this world but is that enough to spark your anxiety. I see no reason to get back to your exe, you left for a solid reason or they left for a solid one. But they’ve changed, should I take them back? No. Don’t.

I want to revenge, is that a good idea ?
No !

First of , no. Revenge is weak, ironic enough, not doing anything is revenge enough. Imagine anticipating someone to hurt you and they just forget you ever existed and they move on. I was once made into a stupid person by one ex, in all honesty I was stupid. At some point I was driven to revenge then my senses kicked in, I got over them and my life just became interesting. Revenge keeps you tied to your exes lane, you’ll keep seeking their attention.

Revenge is weak

Common Sense
Should I date my friend’s exes ?

I am not sure if girls have a code or not. But this about alphas, I won’t lecture a subject I don’t know. Alphas, your friends’ exes are your exes. Case closed, if you date them you’re Judas. There’s no nice way of painting a back stabber. On that note, if your bro likes a girl, you are also supposed to stay away whether he wins or not.

Should I help an exe in need ?

It depends on the gravity of the situation. If their house is on fire and their dog is drowning in toilet or there are aliens abducting their siblings then you can help. This applies if you’re dating. If you’re dating, let your ex bother someone else, like her family for instance or potentials. If you’re single, it depends on the type of understanding you have with your ex.

Should I bed them?

My greatest fear personally. But it’s simple to put in words. No , do not bed them. Now live up to it. “But we’re both single”, yes of course, why did you become exes if you were so perfect.


The truth is talking about Exes is a hard topic, especially when you have to talk about them with your partner. Honestly it boils down to the level of trust and respect you hold with your partner. Like I said earlier, I do not particularly enjoy the idea of entertaining exes, it usually never ends well.

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