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Am I Yours , Truly?

This is a response to yours Truly by MaMo 


Our union has been nothing short of amazing but maybe it belongs in the past because it has been tense for a while now.

I do apologize for using your emotions as a crutch for some time . We were so in love, I failed to realize you loved me more than I deserved. I’ve taken you for granted in so many ways and the guilt becomes heavier to burden. My masculine toxicity doesn’t justify how distant and nonchalant I was when you needed my affection. I can’t keep doing this to you and our beautiful daughter.

The man you fell in love with is somewhere in me trying to figure out what went wrong. I thought we had everything in check or maybe we rushed to flying before we could crawl. I’m guessing this is what crash landing feels like, we fell after a few glides and we still can’t find our footing because we never learned to walk. And I do take the blame, I was in a rush to make you my Mrs but quite frankly you were supposed to be my muse first.

I do remember every battle we conquered and given a chance I would go to war with you on my side again. But goodbye shouldn’t mean be gone. This house we live in embodies all our memories, do you remember the day we made Omu? Because the dining table certainly does. I want that feeling to stay with us when we raise our daughter. We might not have worked out but I believe we can still nurture our baby into a fine, strong, and loving woman like her mother. We’re past the ‘staying for the kids’ narrative but if we do win this battle, we’re staying for each other.

I’m not good at goodbyes and I don’t intend to start learning today. I think we should take a break, learn to crawl, we might learn to walk together, and maybe find our way back just in time for our baby’s first steps.

Is this really farewell?

Your till death do us part,



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