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The mind of a boyfriend is about everything that surrounds social relations, trending topics and some unspoken sensitive issues, only with a twist and a bit of sauce. The term boyfriend is a loose term referring to any male figure ( single, married, rejected, still trying his luck ), essentially it refers to a gentlemen . Therefore, I am a boyfriend . That is in the dictionary definition and ours. Mind of Gentlemen sounds too serious anyways. The thoughts expressed here are raw, unedited and typical views of an average boyfriend.The blog also focuses on the betterment of the human male so as to be the best version for his Empress.  Now that you know a bit about me ( well us, we are now a small team of 3, well 4 if we are counting my employer whose money actually paid for getting this domain), lets make this journey interesting.


What is a Boyfriend ?

So, I asked this question on my Instagram stories and my Whatsapp status, I also asked my contacts to ask their contacts. These are the answers I got :

boy·friend | \ ˈbȯi-ˌfrend \

Your definitions :

1. Someone who knows you are there and someone who can understand you more and someone who gives you time – Danny


2. According to a capitalist point of view a boy friend is a source of wealth. He is one person who can spend  all what he has just to make sure you are happy.From a feminist school of thought a bf is a dog, that one guy who goes around screwing women to his satisfaction .He is somebody who is a fool such that he sucks the v**a of a lady. – Simba


3. A boyfriend is a male friend . A best friend. A helper. A shoulder that’s broader than any friend’s to cry on. He’s someone who shares the same view on love as you and wants to make you happy at all times. It’s someone whom you see a potential of being a future partner – Rumbie


4. The one that you and him are happily together, trust in each other, share your problems, look for solutions, that is there for you in bad and good times that is always faithful and honesty – M7


5. A boyfriend is someone you don’t expect money from. – Franco


You made it to 5, You are almost there

without pictures !

6.  An ATM – typical boyfriend


7. I think a boyfriend is a time pusher, someone who pretends to love and care for you .A person who lies to your face n makes you believe lies and in the end he uncovers the truth.In other words a boyfriends is someone who turns out to be who they say they are not . Someone who thinks you as his girlfriend is stupid. A boyfriend is someone who eats each n every part of your soul everyday  and promises you heaven n earth.A boyfriend is a hypocrite and a pathetic liar who wishes never to be uncovered .


8. A Stupid, self centered brat – Some one’s heartbroken ex girlfriend


9. A boyfriend is a parasite .A demon that destroys. A  bf is like cancer , slowly destroys you . A boy friend is like the devil who came to kill ,steal and destroy. – Pre


10. Someone who will always stand by you through thick and thin. The person you think of before you sleep and when you wake up. Your partner, Your best friend to some extent. – Uhm someone’s boyfriend

Do  not bother Googling the definition, the first search result is Justin Bieber's song.

“A boyfriend is obviously someone who is special to you. Someone whom you love to be around with a boyfriend takes you out spoil you protect you supports you care for you and love you someone who’s not that is definitely not a boyfriend a boyfriend sacrifice a lot for his girlfriend a boyfriend is someone’s lover”


The answers above are probably from your girlfriend but you won’t tell.  Maybe All those definitions are coming from ladies you know who wish their man was all that or believe their man is all that. Fortunately some are coming from boyfriends, what if your boyfriend thinks you view him like ? Imagine being wrong because you are using the few schemas you have. Welcome to our space, where everything gets all sides. Let’s become acquainted , hopefully we end up friends. Before you leave, How would you define a boyfriend ? 

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