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About being a broke boyfriend

Broke. You know being broke. Sorry I won’t put a technical definition because we all know what being broke means. For those who insist, being broke is the inability to purchase the most basic of things to sustain a relationship. Ignore every other definition,this is the only one that matters.


Being a broke boyfriend is equivalent to being a soldier with no gun. A broke boyfriend never buys anything for his lady, does movies at home and never gets cake or chocolate. ( cake is love currency) Broke boyfriend is good with words and selling a dream. That’s all stereotypical. This post is about the insecurities of being a broke boyfriend and how to cure it. Partially.

I. Being left

The greatest insecurity is being left for a rich boyfriend. Money will always build love, love rarely builds anything, it just makes babies which drain the little money you’re left with. Ergo, being left is a constant security of a broke boyfriend.

II. Being cheated

This one is just logical. Failing to deliver does not mean the whole species is like me so why should she suffer with me ? A lot of boyfriends right now as you’re reading this, are stressed in Zimbabwe. Their girlfriends are eyeing those uncles who buy beer in family gatherings, those boyfriends who are rich, they’d rather be a side to someone with money than being with a broke main.

III. Committing

Broke people barely commit. (Okay that’s a stereotype, scratch that). Committing is a scary thing for a broke boyfriend. In addition to that, it comes with taking this sweet beautiful soul and having her accept your state and deny herself all the luxuries of this world.

IV. Babies

Goes without saying. Babies are expensive and sisters this part is for you. It’s here for us to but mostly it’s for you. It’s two sided : Side A : A broke boyfriend will quickly want a baby to skip I and II. That way you’re stuck with him. Side B: You’re on your own sister. You’d swear you were dating yourself. So the insecurity here ( broke boyfriend) is getting someone’s child pregnant.

The Cure

Let’s get personal. Being broke is a phase, being broke-minded is trend. Let’s try to cure that mentality, starting with your relationship going outward.

The cure to being broke
Broke Boyfriend Cure
I. Don’t date a liability

You will feel the burden of being broke if you’re dating a liability. If you’re in a relationship that is materialistic and yields no profit then that’s one reason you’ll stay forever broke. So your first cure if ditch the liability or change their view of money. She’ll make insecurity I and II real anyways if she’s a liability. But I guarantee you this, money is necessary for a relationship.

III. Find a hustle

How to cure being broke ? Easy , get money. Right? It should be that simple but it’s not. Finding a hustle is hard but it’s possible. No hustle is small. Point here is find a clean way to generate money.

III. Cut on expenses

The simple cuts work. Remove all unnecessary expenses then you’ll see a great improvement. Examples ? Not every weekend calls for your wallet to hit the ICU. You don’t need 15 pairs of sneakers. Therefore, cut it if you need it.

IV. Change your environment

Having a circle that is money focused can open your mind about money. I have joined a few groups that always discuss ideas on how money should work and how to position yourself to get it. I won’t lie, it’s pissing off. They never teach the how part. Which is perfect, having a bigger drive than just making money has taught me a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I am still broke but not broke minded.


Stop Googling “ How to make money fast” , “ How to make money” , I’ve been there, the answers you will find are probably all useless. Instead, search for lucrative ideas that are centered in needs especially right now in Zimbabwe. If you’re outside Zimbabwe, focus on covering a gap in any business space or addressing a need.

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