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About dating a “broke” Girlfriend

Dear Girlfriends burn in this new found glory. Yes this post,the tables have turned. We’re in the end game now. I have to say I haven’t quite dated a rich girlfriend which automatically means this means war. ( I’m just playing, this isn’t about me or the people I’ve dated. Or their Rich Dads. See what I did there ? ) Writing this was as fun as hatching the idea. So to spice things up, think of a girl you know , rate them. Dating a broke girlfriend is like using a trial version of a software, eventually you are going to have to pay or spend way more to match the attributes of a full version.

Broke girlfriends keep broke boyfriends broke.

mind of a boyfriend

This will be short and precise. These are the attributes of a broke girlfriend, well rather let’s say broke minded. But either way it hits the same vein.

I. Never buys her own credit

The basic form of this generation’s communication relies of credit ( Data). A broke girlfriend will always require you to…. ( you get the point). Moving on, point 2.

II. Spotlight

She loves the spotlight. Broke girlfriends usually seek the flashiest of things and brag about everything. They love social media in ways that need deliverance. It’s the type that is always posting places they’re in or the food they’re eating but never pay for it. And hair, heavy makeup and trendy clothes is the uniform, well if she didn’t pay for it that is.

III. Receiving end

Well this one is just obvious. Similar to broke boyfriends they do not give much or at all. But for clarity, a broke girlfriend would get money from the boyfriend and still ask for transport money then ask for data. Her money is hers alone, she can take things but can never give. They love gifts, you might even get your own birthday gift on your birthday. The best they can offer is probably valentine’s sex but then again you are buying the wine and all the candles and dinner.

IV. Materialist

Love is quantitative to them. Your love is measured in things you get. If she gets something for the boyfriend when the break up best believe she’ll ask for it back. ( this is a broke boyfriend trait too). This is usually the cheating / blesser type.

V. Has a shady squad

Birds of the same feather sits perfect with broke girlfriends. The clique she hangs out with has that one friend with blessers, one friend who dates guys with cars only and there’s always that one innocent friend who covers for the whole squad. And there’s her, dating you, out of love. (Read that last line out loud if you’re a guy). I must say, broke girls cannot mind their own business, they are always criticizing woke empresses’ looks and hustle. (The type that say , ” Oh Susan is acting all better than us because she graduated and has a car with her cheap hair” , Hahaha Susan ain’t broke b)

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