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    About “How to Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains”

    Contrary to popular belief, it’s not your sweat itself that causes yellow stains. Most experts agree that that the cause of yellow armpit stains is the aluminum used in antiperspirants combined with your sweat. Imagine that ! The very substance that keeps your pits nice and dry also sabotages you. While foregoing antiperspirants can eliminate the risk of yellow stains later on, you’ll have to manage the wet semi-circles due to excessive sweating in the short-term. Prevention is better than cure. Well prevention in this case is better that ruining your confidence because of yellow stains under your armpits. The How Wear an undershirt Simply wearing an undershirt can work…

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    4 Men’s Grooming mistakes women hate

    Men are terrible at hygiene and grooming routines. We often pride ourselves in being “boys” but the truth is that is a turn off if you are seeking to make it to the spaces with women. Our grooming routines could need a boost . Women pay attention to how men groom themselves and take care of their physical aspects just like they pay attention to themselves. So, here are 3 grooming mistakes women hate. Do not make these mistakes : 1.Long Finger Nails Long fingernails on a guy are disturbing. If you have long, unmanaged fingernails, you are in the red zone. Get rid of long nails. ( Then there…

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