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    4 Signs that he has lost interest in you

    Ah, The One That Got Away. Or the one on his way out. You think you know everything about him—his favorite color, his favorite food, his favorite genre of movies—but it’s only when you realize he doesn’t love you anymore that you realize you never really knew. Communication dies Communication is an important component of any relationship. It’s even more important when times get tough.If your partner suddenly stops trying to communicate with you in conversation, that’s a real red flag. The lack of intimacy The lack of intimacy is one of the biggest signs of a failing relationship. So, if he isn’t making an effort to be close to…

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    How to tell someone you don’t want to date them

    Most people fall in the trap of getting into a relationship with someone they don’t like. It happens a lot because they can’t /don’t communicate how they truly feel. And if we’re being honest, men fall into a lot of relationships because they’re not used to saying ‘No’. At times you might not have a reason why you don’t want to date someone but that doesn’t mean you should. (But really? No reason at all ? Be honest. Come on)… In any case, you don’t want to. Disclaimer : I did lose contact with some people after doing what I’m about to tell you. But it’s fine, if you’re looking…

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    Signs you’ve been gaslighted

    I find myself explaining gaslighting every once in a while and I figured why not share my views. Relationships are complicated on their own, add power dynamics in the mix and things get a little messy. With people carrying a host of personalities, conditioning, up bringing and beliefs, some things may seem justifiable. Gaslighting is a subtle form of abuse that may stem from all the makings of a person, be it culture, religion, personality amongst other domains without being instantly noticeable. I don’t conform to most things that people subscribe to which makes me angry when they use certain domains to justify their sick behaviours. It is a form…

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    What potentials look for in dating/social media profiles

    Online dating. Haaa. I never thought I’d do it but here we are. It’s actually a pretty cool way to date now, considering how much time we spend on our phones while ignoring people around us. What potential dates look for in dating profile is basically close to how you shop for things online. We compare value and the actual cost of it, similar products and whatever Joe Goldberg searches for. I’ll talk about social media too, because that’s how most people actually meet now, outside dating sites. These are my thoughts : Profiles that try too hard are a hard pass, a hell no. People would rather hear about…

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    Going through your partners phone – thoughts

    I think going through each other’s phones can be a little toxic, why be with someone if you can’t trust them? That’s my stance before we go anywhere. But then again, I saw something interesting, “Go through their phone so you know of you’re not wasting your time”. In any case, these are my thoughts on the subject. Complete invasion of privacy at play there. Personally, the notes app in my phone holds almost everything, my thoughts, ideas, plans, and Unfinished pieces, someone going through that feels like being stripped naked and cast into a crowd. That aside, the messaging apps, well where most people look, sits all my confidential…

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    What women really want in a guy

    I think I’ve finally figured it out. ( That’s an overstatement, otherwise, I wouldn’t be single half the time ). Women like men are evolutionary beings so some wants emanate from base human needs. (Odd how the bare minimum now counts as wants in this era). Here’s what I believe women want. Stability It’s that simple. Stability comes with peace of mind and that means it’s much easier to rely on a stable person. The sad thing is we have a lot of male divas ruining things by being all over the place. Ladies want a stable guy, no one builds houses on rivers. Or on Fantasy leagues. Or whatever.…

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    We’re all a little broken

    We’re all a little broken. Well, some more than others but we all have scars. Some people are still nursing the wounds daily because some traumas have life-long lasting effects. Our pains emanate from different spectrums and the ones closest to us are the ones that break us the most, family, friends, and relationships. Not to say strangers don’t inflict the same pains, trauma is trauma, just different experiences of it. I’m here to say, don’t beat yourself up, we’re all a little broken so we probably have a lot of gaps to fill in each other’s lives. Over the past few years of my existence, I’ve seen family be…

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    Untitled/Unfinished 3

    Intoxicated. Faded really, or whatever kids call it these days . What’s worse is all I could think about was her. Stupid! Wasted alcohol. After everything she did. I want to kill her. Drown her in her dirty pond. I hate her stupid pond. Caring for fish is pretentious, she cares for nothing. Her pond doesn’t deserve her. She has no heart. I want to hug her tight. Tight enough to make her stay forever. Or suffocate her. I’m not a violent person. I’m confused, like Dr What’s-her-name, some cunt name I always forget. Oh Cummings. That’s the name. “Talk to me” She says. What’s there to say really, I…

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    Bedroom Playlist I

    I don’t have to tell you this but you need a Playlist for coitus. Heheh, fancy. With the exception of quickies and those spontaneous hookups. You need a fire playlist to have readily available to set the tone. Music doesn’t only make the whole experience just a bit more enjoyable, but it also gives you a rhythm to follow. It also allows you to set the pace for what kind of vibe you’re feeling. Slow music for a slow pace, up bit if you want it rough. But ultimately, you need a Playlist. Here’s Mind of Boyfriend Late night Playlist I.