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Clear signs the person you’re dating is worth your time

So much negativity going around in relationships, this is to tell you it’s all bad. These are the signs that the person you’re dating is right for you and is worth your time. ( Of course they might be some differences )

You are comfortable with who you are

Not itching to impress your potential  is essential, that way they can get to know the real you, with no filters. If you feel comfortable enough to let your guard down and be yourself,I don’t mean wearing crocs,  that is a great sign that your relationship is heading in on the right tracks.

They keep their word

Green Flag central .Doing what they say they’re going to do is a sign of integrity and dependability, which are two ingredients needed from a long-term partner. Saying something is one thing, following through is where the trophy is.

They make an effort to get to know your friends and family

 Friends and family are a large part of our lives, and when someone you’re dating is actually making an effort to get to know them, then that is someone you should definitely keep around. Someone who doesn’t even try to get to know the people you love is a a walking red flag, the whole carnival.

They respect Boundaries

Boundaries are what makes intimacy a thing, we let a few people in some of our spaces because we see them worthy. A person who understands their boundaries is a good potential partner. You should not feel pressured to do anything you’re not comfortable with or violated boundaries you explicitly marked.

They don’t use Whatsapp GB


  • Takudzwanashe

    WhatsApp GB though🤣 I hate that application. If someone is willing to meet your family that’s a huge step. It calls for a celebration lol

    • Qndsn

      “willing” is the key term there, some people are scared by the idea of knowing relatives since it adds a layer of seriousness to everything…. And as for whatsapp GB hahaha we’re in the same boat

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