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Dates – Boyfriend thoughts

Thoughts that stay hidden.

I actually agreed to this? Man! This is really stupid, I sabotaged myself here. But if it makes her happy, then I’m happy. Uhh, that’s not even comforting… I need a beer. Or 2. Why don’t I do that instead? Then I’d get dumbed… Pull it together.

Brain… Focus. Date. Ideas.

Somewhere quiet. Great food. And definitely where I don’t know people. Damn, what if I meet my ex. Or my friend’s girlfriend. Do I tell the gents about this date before or after? They will have a field day of laughter. Who cares, I’ll have a good time. And laugh at the next person.

Brain. Focus!

How much will I spend? Uhmm, how much do I have. Let’s see : $5 for transport, $20 for food… $15, what if she doesn’t finish the food? Uhmm $15. I need a beer. Or 2. So $20 for beer, $18 for her and $2 for me. This is why I hate thinking… So that’s about…

Text notification ” Hey love, what am I wearing?”

Aaaaagh!! What am I wearing? Will I match her choices? Doesn’t matter. I’ll wing it. T-shirt and jeans. Maybe a jacket if she gets cold. What if I get cold? Hahaha you know you’re a portable sweater/jacket dispenser? I’ll wear a blazer and sneakers to be taken serious. Won’t that make me look expensive? I don’t want that. Budget suicide. How much am I spending by the way. Let’s work with uhm, let me take out the calculator.

***Looks at phone.

Oh what is she wearing. I need to get her a dress. The gents shouldn’t know about this. Why do they need to know anyways? Heels too? Bit too much? She’s just so pretty, I could rip that dress right o… Focus! Dress, heels, what about her nails and hair. That changes the budget. This is how people end up selling kidneys. Hahaha dumb ! I can’t drink 2 beers with one kidney. Or can I?

*** puts down phone

This is why people are single. But that’s like a seriously sad way to live a life. Oor is it. ( Total brain silence). Where is my striped t-shirt? I haven’t seen that thing in months. I should make some food. Ain’t no way I’m getting full on a date. Damn. I gave her that t-shirt. This is exhausting, lemme focus on something else. Whatsapp!

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