Dating in Zimbabwe – The Truth about it –

Dating in Zimbabwe is a lot like dating in any other country. You meet someone, you get to know them, you like them, and then you decide if they’re worth the time and effort it takes to pursue a relationship.

The only difference is that here in Zimbabwe, there are a few more challenges—like unemployment, poverty and political turmoil. “How’s this relevant Q?”, you may ask. It’s hard to focus on your love life if the ship is sinking.

Dating as an unemployed person whose heart has been broken before is hard work (Adding that heartbreak part for ambiance) . It’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack that’s full of needles—and all those other haystacks are full of needles too!

Let me explain, It’s hard to meet people, even if you’re outgoing and social. It’s hard to find someone who shares your interests and values, even if you do get out. And once you do find them, it’s hard to find a place to go on a date that won’t make your wallet collapse (and then later force you to use Zupco buses and eat choms for a while).

Get this, if you’re unemployed? And have no paying hustle, it gets worse. You don’t have the time or energy for dating, let alone finding someone worth dating. Money is the fuel to most things in dating, I understand its not everything but most things will require it. We’re in a generation that glorifies money like we were born in bank vaults, living on social media standards set by the 1 percentagers. And all that weight is impossible to carry if there’s no source of income. (Zimbabwe probably has the highest number of unemployed graduates).

Hear me out, while there’s no shortage of people to date, it’s a challenge to find someone who is emotionally available, financially stable, and physically healthy. Or actually being the one who has all that because we’re going through a lot as a country. ( at least I am).

Add competition in the mix. Like anything in life, there is competition. In Zimbabwe it may be thicker. The dating scene in Zimbabwe is not just limited by the fact that the economy is struggling and people are more focused on survival than romance. So you know what that means. Survival of the monied. Well for men in most cases anyways. He who has money, has power. Don’t get me wrong, ladies with money have that power too. Money is power, romance is a bedroom currency, it never pays bills.

The competition gets worse. Women outnumber men two to one. Do what you may with that information .

I could write about this for hours but you get my point. I’m not saying that dating in Zimbabwe isn’t worth doing—it absolutely is! It just takes a little more creativity and patience than some places because we have so many other things competing for our time and attention.

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