Disrespect in relationships

Respect makes everything better but when people get comfortable they become monsters. Some levels of entitlement are the basis of disrespect in relationships. Sometimes,  it’s just too much comfort, or popayism from the other person. Or whatever.

Failing to Communicate

There’s nothing as infuriating as a bad communicator. It’s dangerous to work on assumptions or vibes alone, communication makes things clear. If you don’t want something say it, if you’re angry express it and if you’re tired of the relationship say it. Don’t resort to starting a new relationship without ending the one you’re in because you can’t communicate.

Going through their phone

Yes transparency is necessary,  so is privacy. There’s nothing more disrespectful than invasion of privacy to that magnitude. There are boundaries to everything.

Arguing in public

Keep private issues private. Arguing in public is a low, you lose all credibility and when you’re relationship becomes great , people won’t believe you. By fighting in public you’re lowering your bar as a rational human.

Taking things without permission

Some things are cute that’s why people get them in the first place. (Ladies yeah). Resist the urge to take whatever you feel you want, ask for yours at times or get your own hoodie. In some relationships it’s more than that, it could be money, IDs and using the partner’s signature or work tools. Being in a relationship with someone doesn’t mean everything they own is yours by default.


Besides church, relationships have the weirdest level of hypocrisy. When one person does something it’s fine but when the other does it, it’s a war. Quick fix, don’t do what you wouldn’t want to be done to you. If you go to the club, let her go, if she goes out with her bestie she should let you go out with yours. Let insecurity kill you both if you can’t agree on priorities. Or be adults about it, find balance.

Flocking with crooked feathers

“I’m not like them” , then why do you hang with them ? Disrespect is painting a clown face on someone because you think you live in a vacuum. Flock with people worth trusting. “Susan you can’t tell me Mary does blessers and takes you with her every night and you are the saint”, that may be the case but how gullible does someone have to be to buy that.

Not supporting dreams

Most people get hype outside their relationship. The sides will praise and plan better than the main which is why some people resort to them. Be your person’s hype person. Shooting down someone’s dream is not only disrespectful it’s frustrating. For some odd reason,  some partners do not cultivate their partner’s dreams and vision.


Lying to me personally feels like an insult to my intelligence. It’s ignoring all my analytical skills, observations and trust in you as a person that puts me off. Lying is enough to write a person off, especially if their level of lying is pathological. There’s no way someone will say goodnight at 5pm and say good morning the next day at 11am. If you believe that click here.

Prioritizing your interests over theirs

If someone wants all their wants gratified in a relationship and can’t do that for you they’re trash. It’s such narcissistic tendencies that break good things. Comfort usually does that, an entire human enslaves the partner to do only what they want. Simple example: picking all spots when going out is just disrespectful.

Putting more value in their side of things

This speaks more to family and friends. Putting too much emphasis on treating their families differently from yours is by far the most offensive thing. Ladies ! His family and friends matter too. Treat them like you treat yours ( unless if you treat your badly).

Telling people they single when they got you

Titles define everything. Imagine your better half telling the world they freelance. Worst case scenario would be finding out they have a whole entire life with a wife, a child who can eat spicy food or they have 4 other relationships.

Entertaining controversial characters

What is this sorcery? Yeah, making yourself available to people you know affect your relationship dynamics. This list of people includes exes, flings, side pieces , booty calls , crush and dare I say entertaining besties too much falls in this category.

Fun fact : There’s always that person they use to get your attention or get back at you. It’s odd you know the person.



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