Finally, a topic about the Committee

After the male bestfriend and the female bestfriend of course,  the most hated group on earth is the committee. These are the people who make decisions for you. The CCTVs of your every move and quite frankly these people can call out your BS. They could be good,  they could be your worst nightmare as the boyfriend/girlfriend but believe me, they’re not your friends. Your partner’s friends are not your friends. The committee has different personalities,  these are some common ones :

The one who wishes to be you

This is common but doesn’t mean there’s always that person in your committee. The person who low key wants your girl/man and is quick to write them off as bad. These are the deadliest because they seem to be on your side always. They see you as competition. It wouldn’t be surprising to discover they’d date your ex-partner or make moves at your current. If they can’t,  they’d set up people who can.

The veteran

We all have a relationship graduate. They often have the soundest thoughts on relationships. Their experience with relationship is often painful and they still believe in people. Most of the time, these are the single ones.

The poison

This is that you-only-live-once friend. Probably dating 3 people at a time. You’d swear this one has no soul but they have the best intentions. The problem is that they honestly don’t care about consequences but deep down they crave something solid.

The Pimp

This could be the poison or anyone actually. To them your relationship doesn’t matter, you’re single to them. They’ll use you as a plus one to even numbers when going out. You’re the ” bring-your-freaky-friends” friend. He/She will pimp you out.

The “We-Move”

Never single. Always the victim, well for the most part. This person will be in love for 2 years then break up today and the next day they’re in a 6 months long relationship. These people have backup relationships. The true definition of we move. Then there those who hit and quit, they could be in 4 relationships in one year.

The Uncle /Aunt

Veteran pro +. This one has been dating for the longest time. You’d swear they now look like their partners. If they don’t judge your mistakes,  they’ll give you relationship advice you didn’t ask for. These people are your age mates but they think they’re way mature. They probably don’t send emojis.

The skeptic

Once broken. Lost trust in relationships and love. Never recovered. You know how the rest goes. These have given up on love , to them relationships are just Titanics that haven’t sank. They’re usually single for the most part.

The loner

For some odd reason the committe has a loner. That one person who is there but is also never there. They move in silence,  they don’t really care about what the rest of you are doing. Whether there are in a relationship or not, you wouldn’t really know what’s happening. Getting advise from them is pointless,  either they wing everything or things just happen to them. The silent movers.

The opposite sex bestfriend

If this person exists in your life, you’re blessed. They’re essentially your brain. These are the most hated individuals on earth, probably the least trusted as well (by haters and baes or whatevers). They do everything for you, they’re the salt of the earth.

The friendzoned bestie

Well the reason why the other besties are hated. This friend will always tell you about what you deserve and whatever else. They might be dating but your problems seem to matter more than those of their partners. They’re madly in love with you and probably lie to their friends about the nature of your relationship. These, like genuine besties would do anything and everything. Their intentions are ulterior however.

Then there’s YOU

The confused fragile human. Trying to balance between advises from people and your own feelings. Trying to act all tough and void of emotions but deep down craving attention and something real. Afraid to trust,  freaked out to love fully but also willing to try. Believing people can change and hoping you don’t fall in a bad relationship like Susan or Dick. You occasionally make the mistake of taking advice too much as if any of those people live your life. You mess up and find justification or some sort of consolation from those people who lean more on the current screw up.

Boyfriend’s notes

In all honesty most committees are toxic. The best person to rely on is yourself. Advice is good and all but its not set in stone. Experiences are always different and personal to all of us, how we handle situations should be tailored to our own contexts. Similarity in experiences doesn’t mean the solutions are similar too, the emotional investments and reactions are different. Use advice as reference not as the whole script. And refrain from entertaining ill advice all in the name of justification. If you screw up, own your mistakes and make ammends. After all, do your friends stay up with you when you can’t sleep because you decided to be insensitive?


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