Mind of a boyfriend

Her Red flags : Mind of a Girlfriend P.O.V

Let’s go over red flags to look out for in the dating phase. Boyfriend, the aim is to lessen or avoid the heartbreaks that come with mjolo. Because you matter. By the way, a red flag is a sign or warning of any impending danger, disaster or doom. Let’s not waste time and jump right on it.

🚩 Condescending

A woman who treats you like a child. Dear boyfriend say aaaah. Open wide. In comes a spoonful of disrespect. Swallow baby, it’s good for your health. Your eyesight maybe! To help you see that allowing a woman to take a superiority role/tone over you in the early stages of dating means a ship wreck is looming over the horizon. Do you want to end up with a woman who doesn’t hold you of high regard. Do you want to end up with a woman who views you as a mat she can walk all over on before a more manly man comes knocking on her door commanding respect. No? Let’s keep it moving. Or simply put her in her place. Gently.

🚩Knows nothing

Ever tried talking to a woman who knows nothing about anything? The pain of pulling out your best jokes and having to explain them? If she doesn’t challenge your mind. If she doesn’t get you reading. If she doesn’t get you double checking your spellings and grammar. If she cannot talk to you about scholars, finances and politics or dreams, stars and unicorns. Are you sure you are going to be just as interested in her five years down the line? No? Let’s keep it moving.

🚩Male besties

There is no such thing as a male bestie unless if he’s attracted to other men. No one can ever keep a chicken as a pet. I repeat, no one can feed a chicken, clean it’s surroundings, make sure it is warm just for the sake of it. Proceed at your own risk. Let’s keep it moving.

🚩A woman with no plan

Sounds corny doesn’t it. But then we are living in the 21st century. It’s easier to survive on two incomes. It’s easier to build with someone you share the same goals with. Ask the tough questions. What is your five year plan? Do you want to get married? To me? Are you planning on having children? How are you planning to make money? Do you want to be a housewife? Then take it from there. Don’t waste each others time. Keep it moving.

🚩Too naggy

9 missed calls. 23 unopened messages on WhatsApp. All because she wants to remind you her birthday is in two months time. And you should pin it. Run!

🚩Asks for money

Spoil your woman. Just don’t find yourself spending above your means to impress her. Just don’t find yourself under pressure every month because ‘girlfriend allowance’. Just don’t find yourself under pressure every month because ‘social media’. A real woman will not tear down her relationship with her own hands because of money. Is she failing to meet you half way? Yes? Let’s keep it moving.


Oh hail Ms I know everything. She has something to say about everything. Uyaxokozela umuntu. Uyaziphaphela usisi. But of course. We all have different preferences. If you love them loud proceed at your own risk. It’s rather better to date someone who knows when to give you your space for peace of mind you know.

🚩 Dirty socks and stinking armpits

The person who invented deodorant must have been so fed up that they didn’t want us to go through the same. Then your woman shows up stinking. Ay bo. A woman who walks around with chipped nail polish and dirty socks. A woman with unkempt hair. A woman who can’t take care of herself will never be able to take care of your heart. Proceed at your own risk.

Those red flags be heart shaped though

Those red flags be looking pinkish

Boyfriend, what you choose to ignore now will only come and bite you on the ass a few weeks, months or years down the line. We will be here with the tissue and ice-cream or a few cold beers to nurse your little broken heart. Do not choose to walk into or stay in relationships with your eyes closed. Call a red flag a red flag and watch yourself have healthier relationships.

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