Mind of a boyfriend

How the writing began.

I used to hate literature. I mean with a strong passion you’d swear William Shakespeare killed my dad. I couldn’t stand the type of diction that was used in most books, I found it confusing. It’s basically the same reason why I have issues with reading the King James version Bible. ( The Bible is this book Christians use to justify their actions and religion but you probably knew what a Bible was). So I hated literature but subconsciously I was inspired by how words could create an atmosphere, a feeling and a purpose. I used to draw more in my literature classes and hope my prayers would get me through the exams. Those were never answered. Then towards my A level final exams, I discovered I could write. I mean I could put words down that made people want more.


The first piece I wrote was in 2012 I think, I wrote it as a sarcastic brush at the ancient art of fairytales. I vaguely remember the intro but it was something like this :

” Once upon a time, when people actually started stories like this, and when princesses were a thing and frogs could kiss people in public. There was a princess (cliché right)….. ”

The first story I ever wrote was for my then girlfriend when she told me she couldn’t sleep and I decided why not try a bed time story. She was the princess in my story. There was no frog. And she didnt fall asleep apparently, we stayed up all night as I continued the story up to about 6 AM. I had made someone smile and that became my basis for writing then. I’ve since written a lot of items including poems, quotes ,speeches and never jokes. I suck at jokes.

Why I write :

– Just for you

I write for smiles. And recently I write to inspire.


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