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How to Make a Great First Impression

The first impression is everything ! It is unfortunate that we humans will judge a book by it’s cover the first time we see it. If the book is not appealing we will go to the next one without thinking twice. Make the first impression the best showcase. Like seeds, impressions only grow where well placed. Here are 4 tips to make a great first impression worth a revisit therefore growing roots to a relationship. A step to being an alpha boyfriend.


I. Let your body do the talking

First of all, before you open your mouth. Personality and attitudes leaps out therefore it is essential to control body language to make the best impression. Maintain a solid posture because it gives an impression of strength ,confidence, balance and control. People will respect and listen to what you say based on the body language you give out. Confidence is not taught. It is harnessed,for that reason, dig within and find it.

Hack : Your eyes are your best friend or your worst nemesis, control their movement. Eye contact is a skill worth learning.

II. Scent

Appearances mean nothing the scent is wrong. The packaging might be perfect but the odor is repulsive, just like food, the way you smell determines how long people will stay around you. As such odor spots such as breath, armpits, shoes and garments might ruin the game if left unattended. That does not mean showering in cologne, too much of a good thing ruins the purpose. Always smell good. Due to human nature reflexes, anything unpleasant , creating distance is inevitable.

III. Speak like an Alpha

Words create. They destroys. Words rule. Mind what you say and how it is said because this is where the mind judgement begins . Pay attention to how you speak with particular focus on contexts, use language that is location and occasion appropriate. Slang in a professional setup weighs down the respect you get. The icing on speaking is how you do it, your confidence is at play on this stage, be bold, speak eloquently. One last thing, think before words fall out of your mouth.

Hack: Using filler words such as ‘um’ , ‘er ‘ or ‘so’ or filling in gaps with ‘like’, ‘kinda’ or ‘you know’ will make you seem less knowledgeable or give the impression that you are lying.

III. Dress the way you want to be addressed

Packaging. It is a simple as that. Clothes can either enhance who you are or drown who you are, find a balance. You are most likely to be the clothes you were, your choice of colors and type of clothing points to your personality. More often than not, this is the first point of reference for impression creating. Posture and attire are linked. Dress in a way that invites engagement. Colors also matter because the darker the color the higher the level of sophistication. Be mindful of the layering as well. I cannot stress this enough, always wear a watch.

IV. Remember we all have phones.

There is nothing more annoying that talking or trying to talk to a person who is on their phone always. It is rude. It might be a buffer but such tendencies are probably mood killers. Phones create a wall around you as a result it shows lack of interest and it is habit that needs to be discarded. Your ability to multitask is not the impression we see, we see your poor people skills.


Finally, if the first impression is in the context of an appointment, an interview or a meeting, your greatest pointer maker is time. Don’t be late, if you fear being late make provisions to be 15 minutes early, it gives you enough room to warm up to the environment.

When it’s said and done, impressions are a drop in reputation which pour to legacy. The odd thing is legacy is built by what people think about you. The sad thing is that in a digital world where social networks dominates, some impressions of you are echoed on Facebook , verified on Instagram and potentially ruined on Twitter. Your online personas also play a vital role in impression making.

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