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About ” How to make money in a Zimbabwean college”

Making money in college is the second most important thing after breathing, it’s one of those things that just has to happen. It could be for survival or just making that extra buck. But in Zimbabwe at the moment, it’s the basis of survival. Capital however is the greatest obstacle but that does not make it a limitation.This post will focus on low capital ideas and once you’re inspired ,you’ll be on your way to making money. These ideas work perfect in areas close to universities or within the campus itself. The mind of a boyfriend is aimed at making the typical boyfriend better.

I. Running a Food Cart

Students buy food daily and running a fast food outlet is a sure way of getting money. Make your service stand apart because as much as it’s a profitable business, it has the most competition.

II. Laundry Services

Time is one thing students have invested in other things besides washing. If we are being honest, washing sucks.Starting a laundry service is possibly the cheapest business idea. However, this is without competition , so quality service is king.

III. Photography/ Videography

Memories are best captured in videos or pictures and college has the best memories. Starting a photography gig could be a bit pricey but once it’s set up, the money is good.

IV. Barber shop / Hairdressing

This may be close to being as profitable as running a foodcart. If you have gifted hands , then this is your extra buck ticket. It is insanely awesome how people love their hair at don’t mind slowing everything to get it done. That’s an opportunity.Run the shop at your spare time or create time.

V. Gadget maintenance & repairs

Where there are phones and laptops , there is always business of maintaining and repairing them. If it’s a skill you possess, your buck lies in there. If you do not have this skill but want the money, a little sacrifice is necessary, go out of your way to be a master at it before you open people’s gadgets.

( Do not try to fix gadgets if you have no idea how to, you’ll attract unnecessary debts)

VI. Thrift retailing

Go thrift shopping for items that could be of value. Shoes, Bags and clothes are a good start. Dry clean and repair the items and add a mark up. It is cheap to start, and it’s also profitable. You’d surprised at how much people would buy thrift if it wasn’t on the street corner. ( add some good scent to the items)

VII. Grocery store / Tuck shop

Basic university start packs can fetch you some cash. Students will need bread, noodles, canned food and soft drinks on a regular basis. The key is proximity, no one wants to get into town to get something they can get close to them at an affordable price.

VIII. Event planner/ promoter/ Dj

This one is probably the coolest one but close to being the hardest but it’s like network marketing. Once you get momentum you cannot be stopped. Collaborations with local clubs and bars could be profitable if your skill set draws crowds. Make irresistible events is an art, being a Dj is a bonus, but remember not every event is a paid event so that means this gig comes less frequently.

IX. Join a Network Marketing Company/ Retail

In short, Avon ,Avroy Shlain and World Ventures are the best examples of such companies. Network marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home or essentially without a formal base of operation. ( The Business of 21st Century explains these )


Avon : Avon Products, Inc. is a direct selling company in beauty, household, and personal care categories which operates in virtually every country.

World Ventures is a direct sale company like Avon but it deals in vacations.

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