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About “How to Prevent Yellow Armpit Stains”

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not your sweat itself that causes yellow stains. Most experts agree that that the cause of yellow armpit stains is the aluminum used in antiperspirants combined with your sweat. Imagine that ! The very substance that keeps your pits nice and dry also sabotages you. While foregoing antiperspirants can eliminate the risk of yellow stains later on, you’ll have to manage the wet semi-circles due to excessive sweating in the short-term.

Prevention is better than cure. Well prevention in this case is better that ruining your confidence because of yellow stains under your armpits.

The How
Wear an undershirt

Simply wearing an undershirt can work for some men. The extra layer between their skin and a nice dress shirt is all that’s needed to prevent the yellow menace from forming in their axial region. Unfortunately, for many men, an undershirt isn’t enough to prevent the dreaded pit stain. For these men, other actions are required.??

Stop using aluminum antiperspirants

As we mentioned above, the biggest culprit for yellow armpit stains is your sweat mixing with the aluminum in antiperspirants.  So naturally, if you want to get rid of yellow armpit stains, you’ll need to stop using aluminum-based antiperspirants. But it’s somewhat of a tough choice between swamp pits or yellow stains. ( caught between the devil and uhmm , wrong phrase I guess)

Use a stain prevention antiperspirant

The deodorant and antiperspirant industry has been in an arms race against yellow pit stains for the past few years. Personally I’ve found Nivea Invisible for Black and White effective.

Trim your armpits regularly

You don’t need to shave them, but keeping your pit hair trimmed can help reduce wetness and the need for antiperspirants. And bonus: who doesn’t love trimmed pits.

Wash shirts immediately after wearing them

Stains are harder to remove once they set, so the sooner you wash your shirts, the less likely it is that stains will form. Before you put your shirts in the wash, rub some detergent, stain remover, find one that works for you. This prevention is a bit hard to get used to.


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