Mind of a boyfriend

It’s okay to cut them off

Cutting off people is a taxing experience. There is an influx of memories when you’re about to do it, and there’s that small voice that says “They’ll change”. Ignore it, that’s the devil or the sound of reason leaving you . I’m here to tell you it’s fine to cut off certain people. You don’t feel bad for throwing out rotten tomatoes so why waste it here. ( I know the tomatoes cost you money that’s why throwing them might hurt, that’s what happens when you shake off something you were invested in). It’s only natural. So here’s why cutting off certain people is fine.

Peace of mind

Some people are an equivalent of an itch in your baby makers (but to your mental health) . You cannot find peace when you think about them. They find ways to disappoint, demean, insult your intelligence with their lies and whatever devilish traits they conjure. These may incarnate themselves as friends, partners and even family. If you can’t cut them off completely, create a big enough emotional, physical and social gap so they don’t interfere with your life. Preserve peace.

You’re not a punching bag

Some people dumb their issues on you and make everything your fault. The relationship is about working on you. You are the work-in-progress and they’re perfect, their mistakes are because of some cosmic rain god who is pissing on their parade or something equally dumb. And you’re the designated scapegoat, and you owe them your allegiance and submission until their ego is Bosso levels.

They’re just humans

Cut them off. Period. They ain’t gods, if they ruin your aura and state of mind remember they also go to the toilet, they wake up with bad breath and above all they adjust. They’ll be fine eventually. Choose you every once in a while. ( Like half the time but control it so that you don’t become a narcissist )


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