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    Deal breakers in a relationship

    I want to start by saying this, we have this topic every time and yet humans don’t learn. Deal breakers are those things that turn you off or potentially destroy the relationship if unchecked. The focus here will be on some subtle ones and the obvious ones. This is coming from a place of frustration and observations on how people genuinely lack EQ. These are my thoughts : Being their parent Feeling like you have this parent/caretaker role. Giving support, counsel, and all that is great and commendable but when it gets to levels where you have to do everything, things get toxic. Always having to explain things to them,…

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    We’re all a little broken

    We’re all a little broken. Well, some more than others but we all have scars. Some people are still nursing the wounds daily because some traumas have life-long lasting effects. Our pains emanate from different spectrums and the ones closest to us are the ones that break us the most, family, friends, and relationships. Not to say strangers don’t inflict the same pains, trauma is trauma, just different experiences of it. I’m here to say, don’t beat yourself up, we’re all a little broken so we probably have a lot of gaps to fill in each other’s lives. Over the past few years of my existence, I’ve seen family be…

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    Untitled/Unfinished 3

    Intoxicated. Faded really, or whatever kids call it these days . What’s worse is all I could think about was her. Stupid! Wasted alcohol. After everything she did. I want to kill her. Drown her in her dirty pond. I hate her stupid pond. Caring for fish is pretentious, she cares for nothing. Her pond doesn’t deserve her. She has no heart. I want to hug her tight. Tight enough to make her stay forever. Or suffocate her. I’m not a violent person. I’m confused, like Dr What’s-her-name, some cunt name I always forget. Oh Cummings. That’s the name. “Talk to me” She says. What’s there to say really, I…

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    Bedroom Playlist I

    I don’t have to tell you this but you need a Playlist for coitus. Heheh, fancy. With the exception of quickies and those spontaneous hookups. You need a fire playlist to have readily available to set the tone. Music doesn’t only make the whole experience just a bit more enjoyable, but it also gives you a rhythm to follow. It also allows you to set the pace for what kind of vibe you’re feeling. Slow music for a slow pace, up bit if you want it rough. But ultimately, you need a Playlist. Here’s Mind of Boyfriend Late night Playlist I.

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    Untitled/Unfinished 2

    Fine wine with a dash of cyanide I chose you still Unorthodox stupidity but who needs a brain anyways? Calculated doses of the drug I chose, Y.O.U Kryptonite laced kisses, I’ll still dine you to my grave You, Only you, can ruin and build me Unsettling feeling, ain’t it? Now it’s my turn to ruin you, are you ready ? F.U.C.K Y.O.U, she said poetically. *** I found the note pinned to the door with a knife I had left on the sink earlier that day. My fiance was still in the car, cocooned in her innocence, blind to my past life. This was the second note that week. The…

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    Untitled/Unfinished #01

    She is the reason for all this. She is to blame. Her and her stupid beautiful mouth. I can’t even insult her right. I need to leave her. If I didn’t know her I’d say she is trying to change me. 28 years of conditioning, heartbreak, lies, and ZBC cannot be kissed away that easily. Nothing she says will make me go to church. Never. Well not after everything I’ve seen her church elders and sisters do. Ntando, you know it’s time! “, she barks as if I’d move, her bite is mind-numbing so imagine what her bark does. All I can think about is ripping her ridiculous praise team…

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    Am I Yours , Truly?

    This is a response to yours Truly by MaMo MaMo, Our union has been nothing short of amazing but maybe it belongs in the past because it has been tense for a while now. I do apologize for using your emotions as a crutch for some time . We were so in love, I failed to realize you loved me more than I deserved. I’ve taken you for granted in so many ways and the guilt becomes heavier to burden. My masculine toxicity doesn’t justify how distant and nonchalant I was when you needed my affection. I can’t keep doing this to you and our beautiful daughter. The man you…

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    How to get over your ex

    How to get over your ex sounds too ambitious. Let’s go with how to detox them instead. It’s a process and it’s not an easy one. A lot goes into it especially if the relationship was a long one. But it can be done, small steps. Clear your chest When you do break up, there are a lot of emotions flying around. Those could be hurt, anger, disappointment, whatever they are, resolve them. The final talk you have with them should be the only closure you need. Depending on the circumstances of the break up, get ‘why’ answered. Then accept that it didn’t work out. ( Don’t blame yourself if…

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    Dates – Boyfriend thoughts

    Thoughts that stay hidden. I actually agreed to this? Man! This is really stupid, I sabotaged myself here. But if it makes her happy, then I’m happy. Uhh, that’s not even comforting… I need a beer. Or 2. Why don’t I do that instead? Then I’d get dumbed… Pull it together. Brain… Focus. Date. Ideas. Somewhere quiet. Great food. And definitely where I don’t know people. Damn, what if I meet my ex. Or my friend’s girlfriend. Do I tell the gents about this date before or after? They will have a field day of laughter. Who cares, I’ll have a good time. And laugh at the next person. Brain.…