Dating,  Mind of a boyfriend

Popayism explained

(Po- pa- yi- zim )


¹ The act of ignoring reality all in the name of love to a point where it becomes comical.
² Acting like a cartoon in real life events.

“I can change him/her”

Your best bet is changing the color of the sky. While you’re at it, tame a piranha. Personality solidifies at a young age, attitudes form over time and character is crafted with experience. Can you change all that ? Without witchcraft? If you can, you’re invited to join our Mr Magoo cast.

He’ll leave his wife

Uhmm. Okay.

She doesn’t care about money

Justifying being broke won’t change that money is relationship makeup. A house without money has no peace. We live in a world where almost everything is purchased and a comfortable life needs a lot of purchases. She doesn’t care about money, true but what it does is what she cares about. We all do, you should see how men act around rich people.

Sexuality is real

“I can make him/her straight.” While at that, do find ways of adjusting height. Respect how people are and be open about your preferences.

Upgrade from Side

Put your hand on your chest and repeat after me if you believe in these upgrades.
” I’m a Mickey Mouse club member”, now do the hotdog dance. It’s odd how sides are barely upgraded.

“She’s just a friend / He’s my bestie”

Okay. Sesame street.

“I love you both”

Options Options Options. Well it’s possible to love people like that apparently but will you settle as an option? How low a bar do you have to put to stick around for that.

“My mother likes you”

Using their parents or relatives as a way of showing their level of seriousness is a scam. Married men and women cheat, so what makes a boyfriend or girlfriend tender seem magical about such introductions. These people were introduced to pastors and the whole family. They’re just introductions, treat them as such.

Playing husband on a boyfriend tender

You’re not entitled to support her in ways her parents should. (If you’re at that age). Some roles are reserved for married people. This applies to ladies to, you cannot start washing his underwear and cooking on a daily for him, he’s not your husband. You’ll be broken when you break up, you can avoid such popayism. Act your role.


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