Stop forcing things

Stop forcing things. Happiness is not tied to a person so why force things that could potentially ruin your peace. Relationships shouldn’t feel like a war zone every time. They shouldn’t make you blind to reality either. There’s no point in watering a dead plant. ( Well unless if you believe you’d fall in love with a zombie , if that’s the case ,Do you ). For your peace of mind and sanity, learn to put yourself first. Take your eyes and mind when you sink in love, you’ll have clear sight of what’s happening and logic to navigate. That is a long introduction !

We’ve been talking about this for a while now, if you’re new to the blog. Check out About “Dating yourself” & Staying in a relationship for the wrong reasons as reference pieces

Stop sipping DF juice

Know when you’re beat, there’s no point in fighting a losing battle. Throw in the towel and quit while you’re still ahead. You can’t hold on to a chain saw when the ends are grinding your hand, liberate yourself. You are more than enough, remember that, there’s plenty of fish in the sea, or dam, or wherever you decide to fish or wherever you get your fish. Yeah, you’ll never find someone like them but that’s the whole point.

But but… What are my friends going to think

Where were they when you slept at 3am. Even if you say they were there but you were alone in your thoughts. Only you know how much is past your threshold, don’t pretend when it comes to issues affecting you. Be true to yourself and learn to put yourself first.

They’re always apologizing

Apologies that come without actions are like getting in a Kombi without kombi fare. They ain’t going anywhere. At some point you’ll have to suck up to the flattery and bury those meaningless words somewhere deep, where the sun is scared to shine . “Sorry” isn’t a party trick, it should mean something.

Consider your Age

Do you still have time to be using your heart as a kite? Riding the waves of fantasy will not be entertaining as you grow older. Nothing is as sickening as being taken for granted. Not being appreciated at a certain age is a plain insult. On your part, draw the line. But if you’re still up for playing in relationships, no sweat, change your playlist to “Baby shark” and play on.

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