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    Ishuu !

    “Stop being a girl”, Malume barked at me, his aura reeked of disappointment. Showing emotions as a man was equivalent to castration in his reality. I needed to cry my pain out. The burden of supressing the fire burning my soul was harder than accepting my new reality. I was single again. Rejected by the one woman who understood the combination to my heart’s rhythmic beats. Frankly speaking, I should have handled my situation better after all she was pregnant. With someone’s child. My best friend, Jack. Malume was hell bent on unleashing his past life demons and beating Jack to a pulp. I don’t blame him, I would have…

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    Umjolo, The Dating : Part 4

    Umjolo, The Buhlungus The air was as light as my head then. My anxiety was screaming as loud as Bosso fans, this was it. The plan was going my way. Nothing ever went my way which made me uneasy. Life had a thing of showing me none of my plans mattered. The true life of a Zimbabwean boyfriend. I mean if everything were up to me I would have been home enjoying my boyfriend allowance. Probably expecting my weekly data top up from Fia. But here I was, on my way to confront her. My only consolation was YV was with me the whole way. Never trust exs. That’s the…

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    Umjolo, The Dating: Part 1

    *Phone beeped “Dear Mdali, please let it be an ecocash text !”, I lamented in anguish. Umjombo is a whole different type of buhlungus. Understand this ,being broke on it’s own is bearable-nyana but being a broke boyfriend is a whole 6 feet of the pits. Harare water I tell you bandla. That wasn’t the day. The gods of umjolo had finally answered my prayers. It was a message from Mukuru. A whole Mukuru message bazalwane. Free pass and free money, my day was made. Sofia had outdone herself this time. I was impressed. It’s not everyday you get boyfriend allowance. Her hair business was booming. And for some odd…

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