Take with warm Water

The bitterest pills to swallow are often the most easily available. They’re right there on the surface but blindness is the first impulse to them. It’s painful to acknowledge certain realities because that would make our lives unstable. That being the case, it’s easier to live in a fantasy than facing the real world but that ends now. That’s if you’re ready to accept it. If not, I hope some day, you will face people and situations for what they really are.

Being trash is not gendered

The narrative is “men are trash” and that goes without analysis right. The implication is that women don’t cheat ,they don’t lie and certainly do not stab their friends in the back right ? The harsh reality we live in puts men in one bracket but when the same bracket is used feminists are quick to leap to pointing out the injustices in picking such a narrative. Being trash is in actions and actions have no gender, so basically “humans are trash” conditionally.

People don’t need reasons to cheat

So many posts about why men or women cheat. The reasons are valid and most of the time, they make sense but in all honesty, people don’t need reasons. It’s often an issue of proximity, mood and the vibe at that time. And there is nothing like a mistake when it comes to cheating. You cannot accidentally get naked and kiss someone continuously. This is a generation of lost loyalties at best. Believe me, no one is a saint, they just haven’t had the conditions. But..but… what about… No one is a saint.

Money will always matter

Love does not buy pizza, wallets or handbags. Love is basically an interview before getting the job, the real job is getting tasks done in the name of love. Gone are the days where women would wait for men to come with the money. They get their own or they get it from someone who has. Stop fooling yourself, money matters. The memes are real, they’d rather cry in a Mercedes than on the floor.

Exes have more power than currents

Okay that’s a far stretch. But the impact of exes is strong. Their presence is enough to ruin a perfectly good thing if you let it. The problem is people are dating rebounds or revenge daters so they can’t truly be in a relationship. It’s like they’re dating to get back at their exes. Such people are toxic, you’d rather be single.

Being Single is better

Relationships are overrated. Flying solo is about the best thing on earth. You live your life at your own terms and owe no one any allegiances. The bonus is no one gets to disappoint you, you can do all that by yourself. On your own terms. Relationships are an escape from being alone, an idea that being with someone somehow elevates your social status and esteem. The truth is being single is gold. Relationships are okay but are they really worth the fuss ?

Class matters

Opposites attract in magnets. Keep it there. Yes love conquers all right ? Nope. This is not Disney, this is real life, where classes matter. Don’t be a hero or an altruistic person who dates out of humility. Date people who value the same things as you. Its not your job to fix anyone, what if you fix them and they decide you’re not their type.

Don’t confuse friends with people you know

So many times people get burnt and then say friends are fake. Who says they were your friends in the first place ? People are obsessed with circles to the point of forgetting who their friends are. In that circle maybe they have one friend, the rest are mutual acquaintances. Know who your friends are. While on that note, how are you friends with your friends ? Count the instances they’ve let you down, if there is a pattern, wake up.

You only have yourself in the end

These “I’ll be your shoulder” heroes aren’t always heroes. Friends will get busy, and it’s only natural, we all get busy. We have our lives to live. Even after we’ve gotten the help we need, we are alone with our thoughts at night. The final decisions rest on us. So do you have your own back ?


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