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The No Strings Attached Guide

No strings attached guide. Let’s get right to it I know you do not really care about the introduction. (Yeah me too). So from my post Titles, I skipped this on purpose, the reason being that NDAs ( No strings attached ) are controversial. Are they really possible? How do you not catch feelings? Well, this isn’t about that right now. This is a guideline for those who want to venture into the forbidden lands without risking their hearts. So definitions first:

Having only sex with someone and nothing else but that. No hanging out unless it’s to phuck.

urban dictionary

NDAs have a time when they are functional which makes them relevant. For instance, a rebound from a heartbreak, divorce or when both parties do not want to commit. So let’s get right to it, this has been a long introduction already . Here are the guidelines.

Your NDA should not be your friend

Keep your friends out of this, it never ends well. No strings works if you don’t share some memories and some history which makes it easier for everyone (including us, your other friends who end up being collateral damage). A friend who gets into an NDA situationship will likely see it as an upgrade and there is no way they will see you as a friend after that. No way.

Limit contact

The whole point of NDA is sex which means constant contact outside the context of sex is a sin. Limit all forms of communication to just necessary messages, like “your place or mine” type. Holding hands in public and going on dates is for people in relationships, the closest to that for an NDA is Netflix and Chill or whatever happens in private, emphasis here being on private.

Do not play the boyfriend

The reason why it’s called NO STRINGS attached covers that part. You are not her boyfriend, leave boyfriend tasks and expectations out of it. Do not find yourself meeting her family members and hanging out with friends. If good morning and good night messages are itching to come out of your phone, send those to your parents or relatives. The point is, you are not her boyfriend, stick to your lane do not complicate things. You know the boyfriend stuff, do not be tempted to do those.

Set rules

This is the father of all guidelines. If you choose to ignore anyone of the ones above you might get away with it but if you skip this one then your NDA status is revoked. Before you start doing whatever kinky things your imagination can hatch, lay down ground rules. While at that make sure the other person understands you do not want a relationship and you do not intend to evolve “this” into one. You will need to set boundaries that will keep you in check. When it becomes emotional, let go, do not force a relationship. If you do end up in a relationship then you just wasted my words and your time reading this.


This is not for everyone. Do not force it. NDAs have the most painful end because, falling in love cannot be stopped but being in a relationship is not an option. Play safe.

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