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7 Things Boyfriends do wrong

Men have given themselves pride in being the fountains of knowledge. They have unearthed great mysterious and discovered groundbreaking information about the universe. I mean they have created and destroyed governments just by using words. Their power comes from their knowledge of things but sad enough Men do not know women. Men do things and tell their friends they nailed it when they straight up annoyed or grossed out their women. Or worse.


Women are not experiments, objects or mere matter which makes it challenging for men to understand how women operate. There’s no scientific or mathematical equation to comprehend women and yet men (me excluded), still want to apply theories in grasping the things women want. And 90% of the time the theories are well crafted stereotypical nonsense and 8% is just pure jokes. Well the 2% is depressing to even talk about. And that is how Men do things wrong when it comes to women.


Asking apparently is an easy thing to do once you put pride aside. Assuming is a death sentence. Most of the answers here are from women. Things they wish their Emperors would understand and stop doing.


Being overprotective. I’m your lady not your pet. Her personal space is hers. She has a right to have male friends. You’re not the only male figure in her life and before you came into her life she had friends. Give her her space and social freedom.


Not all women want your money. Men should stop assuming women are after their money. Putting all women in gold digger criteria is what men do wrong.


Putting Ego above her opinion. Men are generally stuck in the illusion that their ideas and thoughts are gospel which puts their ego on the line. As a Boyfriend, swallow your pride, leave your ego outside your relationship. Listen to your empress. Women have an art of making things better.


Abuse their girlfriends. You might be that kind of boyfriend but if you are , man up and treat her right. This will be bulk of my post because I am appalled at the levels of women abuse in the era. ( I will speak in first person to show how personal this is, imagining any of my family empresses being abused makes me hostile, you should feel the same , lets fight this together). Your lady is not a boxing bag, a washing machine, a sex toy, a hate sponge, a slave or a pet, treat her right or let her loose. Abuse is real thing and so is jail. Act right.


Insecurity is unattractive. Trust your lady. Period.


Not communicating to satisfaction. Wanting all ladies to be tough/hard core when its not our nature.

Men suck at communication. That’s why this list is even here. Improve. Be better at this part of the relationship.


Don’t Pay attention. Men have a hard time paying attention. It’s just psychological. But making an effort is what women want. Need.


* This post was generated from what women think men do wrong.


  • Tash

    I hope more man read this. And l am also for the idea of asking and communicating, it improves relationships. Most of the time we have so many expectations of things we did not even communicate.

    Great Job Staxx

  • Miss T

    I totally bite the communication part its essential guys it means less assumptions and a better understanding of your partner thanx staxx

  • Ammie

    It’s very touchy , abuse destroys a lot of women and thier dreams , they afraid to live thier life to the fullest , and they have to spend thier whole life afraid it might come back

    And communication is the key to a great relationship

    #great job jay

    • Boy.friend

      I feel abuse is a topic that needs to be addressed. People have become comfortable is some states and they don’t really know they are in abusive relationships

  • Ammie

    Yah that’s true , women are looking for a way to survive with abusive partners rather than a way to escape abusive partners

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