Mind of a boyfriend

Things women do wrong

Women are perfectionists by making. They do things the way they feel is right. Women have been recognized for being neat, careful and accurate. Women will learn and master something as complicated as make up art. Women will wear 6 inch heels and act like that doesn’t hurt. Basically women can make anything work. Women could basically move the world if they wanted. They know basically everything and they are mostly right. But women have no idea how men operate. With that said, women have no idea what they do wrong.


Inasmuch as women might share their experiences and their life journeys about men, they will never fully understand men until they are told by men. Women have more negative stereotypes about men because they believe each other more than the men they are in relationships with (Men are liars right?). Last post I talked about how men don’t understand women. It’s the same with women. Or even worse because men will keep the things women do wrong locked away in their thoughts. Men won’t openly tell you what you do wrong because they fear the outcome.


Like I did on the last post. This is a list of things women do wrong according to men. Trust me they had a lot to say since they don’t do ‘guy talks’. (Everything in the list is as real as it gets but if you ask your man he’ll probably deny it, that’s how real it is, and that’s how men are (something women said men do wrong).


Fantasize too much. This is the real world, there are some things that are not practical to do. Yes, they may be romantic but they are not real . Men are realists.Leave Telemundo, Glow, Fifty shades and Mills & Boon fantasies out of a man’s life. Don’t waste time and money on counterproductive fantasies. Keep them simple and practical.


Fake orgasms. Men don’t need you to do that. They are not acting an adult movie, stick to the script of reality. There is nothing more frustrating than finally discovering she faked it.


Lying. Men are bad liars that’s why it’s easy to find out. But women have mastered the craft. Don’t lie to men. They are not psychological wired to forgive like women. The glands responsible for attachments and emotional responses in men are weaker.


Being too friendly to my friends. Period. Don’t communicate with his friends unless if he is sick, organising a party for him or he is missing. If you find yourself Skyping , Apping, Facetiming or DM-ing your man’s friends. You’ve crossed the line.


Using codes and hints to communicate. Men are not psychic. Men are bad at reading signs (well besides prophets, stalkers and psychologists ). Make your communication clear and make sure he understands.


Believing they are always right. It’s a mantra men now have to avoid arguments, “women are always right”. Hear the guy’s point of view before you jump at his throat. Being wrong has only killed scientists so far , you won’t die for being wrong.


Failing to make up their mind. When you say you don’t want something, the conclusion is you don’t want something. Make up your mind before you talk to a man. They don’t have the ability to decipher what ‘No’ and ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe’ mean when it changes every 30 seconds in a 5 minute conversation.


Going through my stuff. Respect a man’s personal space. A man’s phone, pockets ,wallet, journal ,laptop and bags are sacred. Trust issues arise from that. Don’t go through his stuff, he won’t have to go through yours.


Assuming. If you have doubts about something ASK. When he lies you’ll see. Men suck at lying because they forget fast. Never assume.


Competing for attention. Women personalise men. A man’s lady has a special place. When he is with her he will block everyone else. Women should stop trying to replace every one in a man’s life.


Make up. Men hate it. Don’t argue.


Always on the receiving end. Reciprocate. Men get tired of always buying gifts and getting nothing in return. They love gifts too.


We are all flawed. The best way to counter for the wrongs is to understand and help each other become better. All of that is achieved through communication.Talk things out. Get to know each other ,push each other to the edge until you fully understand how your personalities compliment your relationship.

taken from the mind of a boyfriend


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